Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cash, Lace, and Tees

I got my allowance and i now have enough money for the lace tunic that i've been obsessed with from Forever21. I've have money to spare and i'm planing on buying at least one pair of jeans, if not two. My need for jeans is dire, i only have three or four pairs, i destroy jeans pretty fast. I'm planning on getting one pair of skinny jeans, one paper of recycled jeans i found on JCPenney's website, and a pair off destroyed jeans, if i can find a pair that i like. I have trouble with the patterns on jeans, because they make the tears really ugly, plus I'm not willing to pay more than $30 in a pair of jeans, thank goodness for sales!

I'm also in love with band tees at the moment. I know i promised not to buy anymore graphic tees, but band tees fall in another category for me, not only do they show people what type of music i like, but they promote the bands i like, and not all of them are popular enough to really on their popularity and gigs alone, so here are a few shirts I'm looking at buying.

All these shirts are under $20, i found most using Google's Product Search. From the top the bands and artists are Fall Out Boy, Electric Valentine, Pat Benatar, and Paramore. I love this Paramore shirt, i want to get it before they sell out, they only have two sizes left on Paramore's Merchandise shop.

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