Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freebies and Compliments

I went to a college fair at my school on Saturday and saw pretty much no schools that appealed to me or were in my general price range. Afterwards my mom dragged me to Great Clips so she could get a hair cut. My mom knows everyone at Great Clips, it's almost like she works there. Anyways, one of her best friends works there and said she'd give me a free hair cut, which I'd badly needed. I didn't get it styled, just trimmed because my hair was all different lengths.
That day i decided to wear my pink Doc Martens (I'll add a picture later, i plan on photo graphing my favorite clothes and adding pics to the blog) and while i was waiting on my mom a women popped her head in and said "I love your light pink Docs, they're so cute. Where'd you get them?" of course i told her,because i love compliments. If you were to give me a compliment and then ask me for anything (even my soul) I'd probably give it to you.
That was my pretty good Saturday. I'll upload more pictures later. See ya!
- Fate

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