Friday, January 15, 2010

Budding Makeup

I'm new to make up and it's always intrigued me. I remember saying when i was little that I'd never wear makeup, but obviously that has changed. I'm don't want to wear much, maybe a little foundation, some mascara and lip gloss (not supper shiny though) or a neutral/light pink lipstick. I've tried eyeliner, but I'm really bad at applying it, but I'd probably only use a brown and not much, especially on the bottom. I once wore eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes and i looked very Gothic, but that's just me. Whenever i wear mascara I only put on the top lashes since those are the ones i want to lengthen, and if i put it on both the top and bottom my eyelashes tend to stick together and sometimes even get tangled (that sounds weird, but it's true).
When it comes to buying things my mom brought me up cheap and if i can make it myself i do, so my choice for makeup is most of their stuff is between $1 and $5, except their cases, some brushes and kits. I'll by name brands if they're on sale or if i can find them at the dollar store.
I'm really a noob when it comes to makeup. My mom really only wear lipstick and it's bright colors i don't like. I'm going for more a nude/natural look. Here's what I've found at (elf's website).

This is eyeshadow in Butternut colors. I really like it because it has a natural look. Only $1. I think it would look great with brown eyes, like mine.This is elf eyeliner in Coffee. It's $3, because it's either their professional line or their mineral line, but its still a good price.
This is thier lip gloss in Goddess. It's a light pink which i like. It's kind of shiny, but i think if i put on a layer of lip balm before i put the lip gloss on then that can be reduced. It's only a dollar, so it's a good price.

This is some foundation i found. It's $5 and looked like a reasonably sized jar. I don't use much, i just dust some on my cheeks to cover up a few dark spots and stuff.

Over all i like elf's porducts, but i have to be careful with my face because i have dry skin and it get flaky if i don't remember to put cream on it. I'd recommend this website to anyone who wants a deal on makeup.

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