Friday, January 29, 2010

Tutus, Straight Hair, Possible Jobs and More...

I haven't posted in a couple days and i hate when i don't post, but i haven't been able to think of things to post, but now i have a whole bunch. If i was smart I'd space them out over time, but i won't so here they are all at once.

Possible my new favorite clothing item, Hottopic has a great selection of ones that don't make me look like a ballerina, but still make me feel girly, and some would go well with my Baby Pink Doc Martens, which i still need to take photos of. The prices are okay, but for me they're kind of steep since i don't have a job at the moment, and my mom is worried about me getting one and not being able to keep up with my school work.
Some of these are referred to as ruffle skirts, but they look very similar to the skirts that are referred to as tutus, so i just call them tutus.

So I have all natural black hair, and not weak black hair. TOUGH black hair, that not even perms seem to fix. Seriously, when i get my hair permed it stays straight for like one day and then goes back to normal. I'd really like to have a straightener that really works, especially during college, when i might not be able to get my hair permed as often to to keep it tame for a day, so I'm looking at the InStyler. normally they're around $100, and the main website for the person who makes them lets you sample it for $14.99, but using Google Products search i was able to find some people that sell it for under $50, so i may invest in one.

So my mom says she may be able to get me a job this summer doing demos, (the samples that people serve in stores), i know it's not glamorous, but it's a job and it's money so I'll take it. My brother did this job a few years ago, but he's not able to stand in the same place for a long period of time, but i think i can take it.

I'm also going to DRAGON*CON! It's not until September, but i ordered my ticket already (its cheaper than waiting till the Summer, saved $30) and since i live near where its going to be I'm going to take MARTA everyday. I will definitely take pictures. This is another reason why i need money, for one thing the ticket cost $70, but its a 4 day pass, so that's not bad, and it better than paying $100 or more later. The second thing is that i have a friend who went and said people sell really cool things there and you spend a lot of money on it. Food isn't a problem, they provide food, unless you want to go out and eat. Anyways I'm super hyped and i want to get new clothes for my wardrobe so i have stuff to wear. I don't think I'll dress up like many people do, it's my first year going and i want to see how its like and then maybe ill dress up the next time I go.

I also have this new addiction to thrifting! I love new clothes, but things from years ago that other people can't find is cool too. I can't wait for my next thrifting trip after what i found first time. There's a thrift store near the cleaners that my dad goes to that i want to go to, it looks small, but who know what hidden treasures may be hidden there, it may just be the dress i been looking to turn into my futer homecoming or prom dress.

I'm hoping to remember to post on a dialy bases again, but you'll be hearing from me. :)

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