Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lace and Crochet and Studs, Oh My!

Oh what a cliche' title, but that's what this post is about, mostly. There are some ruffles too and some other stuff, but basically this is me Forever21 Wishlist as of today.
This cute crocheted beanie is $5.50. I've been wanting more beanies, and the flower on it drew me to it.

I am currently in LOVE with this top. I first saw it on the blog That's Chic and i fell in love with it. When i saw it wasn't a designer top, but from forever21, something i could actually afford i fell even harder. My sister has heard very little from me in the last few days except "I WANT THAT TOP!". I'm very willing to pay $24.80 for this beauty, which is like a month's allowance for me, and then some.

These shoes are really cute. I've wanted some heels with studs/metal pieces on it and I've found a good pair. They're $26.80, so i might look for a pair similar to them on first and see what i can find.

I have i cardigan and it's a long brown boyfriend cardigan, so when saw this in Forever21's Fabulous Finds section for $14.50 i had only one problem: picking what color i wanted.

This is one of the few rings on Forever21's website that I've thought of buying. they have lots of really cute rings, but they have limited sizes and i have chubby fingers, so when i saw expandable in the description, this beauty went right to my wishlist. $5.80.

There was a ruffle babydoll tank top on their website that i wanted too, but it's no there anymore... :(... makes me sad, but i think I'll survive.

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