Sunday, January 24, 2010

Foundation vs Concealor vs Powder (What's What?)

I consider myself a make up noob, so when i went through my mom's make-up bag to see if she had anything good i mostly found foundation, mascara and lipstick, but nothing too good. I also found a container of Clinique powder. It didn't look like foundation or concealer, but my mom put it on the same way so i was left wondering what it did. I knew i wasn't the only person who didn't know the difference so i decided to research and put all together in one post for others to see and learn from. So, here we go:
  • Concealer: usually a very thick cream that is rubbed over pimples and anything else you don't want people to notice. Used for 'concealing' unwanted things.
  • Foundation: is to give all over looking smoothness and make you face have the same all over skin tone.
  • Powder: used to reduce shine, especially on your T-zone. (T-zone: from the tip of you nose up and across your forehead.)
To me the definition for powder doesn't make since because what my mom have was shiny, but i don't know it may just appear shiny in the container and becomes dull ( is that the opposite of shiny?) when applied.

Well i'll update once i learn more about make-up.

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