Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Constantly Feel Like Dancing!

So over the course of last night and today i redicovered a Cobra Starship son I'm in love with : 'Prostitution is the odlest Religion...' It has a really long title, you can find it easily on youtube. I've has that song on repeat on my mp3 player and i feel like dancing when i hear it, but i can't randomly start dancing in school, since i'm not even supposed to be listening to my mp3 player. So my rekindled love for Cobra Starship and the latest post from the blog fazed girl (a links in my side panel) has given me the idea to post basically my music wishlist. I won't put all the CDs on here that i want, actually i won't put any on, but you can tell my style from the other stuff i post.Cobra Starship, of course! I love their music, it's perfect for dancing and jumping around to! This shirt is adorable! On Fueled by Ramen's website, $15, i think.
Fall Out Boy! Their newer stuff has been on and off with me, but i generally love them.
The artist Panic At The Disco, formerly known as Panic! At The Disco. I know, ohhh, such a major name change. I love them, even if their two albums have been very different their still good. I don't care if people say their newest album was an attempt to copy the Beetles, they write good music, they perform wonderfully, and i love them.
Paramore! one of the many bands i love with female lead singers, pushing girls even more into rock music, Haley (is that how you spell her first name? Their are so many different ways to spell it) is so cool. I love how she's always changing her hair color, she makes me want to dye my hair even more! (fyi: i want to have purple streaks in my hair, but my parents won't let me... oh so depressing)

The most amazing headphones ever! (that are in my price range!) These are skullcandy headphones, and even at $39.95, for quality headphones i would pay that much, my always break. And they have an amazing warranty. If the headphones don't survive your 'aggressive listening' you can send them in along witha letter and a form for a 50% coupon on a new pair, some times they'll give you a free pair in the case of defective headphones or 'large heads' in the case of the blogger of fazed girl.

As final words i have no idea what to say except, enjoy music, that's what it's for!

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  1. Damn right, big heads! Okay I just remembered your question about Burt's Bees lip shimmer. I.. definitely think it's worth the price, but only if you really like the color. I love Rhubarb because I'm pale and it's sort of a dull red that makes me look less zombie-like, but I'm not crazy about the other colors. But it's a very nice balm/color combination if you can find one you like.