Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tips for Junior Year of High School

I just wanted to start off with some tips for your junior year of high school that I would have liked to have when I started my junior year of high school.
  • Don't wait to take the SAT or ACT, take it as often as you can, the more you do it the better your grades. Just know that the SAT costs $45 to take each time. I don't know how much the ACT costs.
  • Don't let you grades slip. this should really apply every year, especially to Seniors, yeah it's your last year, but colleges will see it too.
  • this may contradict what I just said, but have fun! hang out with friends, do fun things, don't constantly worry about your academics.
  • At least have some idea as to what career you'd like to go into, because that con influence what colleges you apply to.
  • Be mindful of your money, I'm not saying that if you have the grades to go to Harvard, but not the money that you shouldn't go, just look for scholarships and grants to help pay for it.
  • Talk to your counselor. They have to write you a recommendation for colleges so you should get to know them so they can write nice things about you.
I hope this helps!

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