Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cash, Lace, and Tees

I got my allowance and i now have enough money for the lace tunic that i've been obsessed with from Forever21. I've have money to spare and i'm planing on buying at least one pair of jeans, if not two. My need for jeans is dire, i only have three or four pairs, i destroy jeans pretty fast. I'm planning on getting one pair of skinny jeans, one paper of recycled jeans i found on JCPenney's website, and a pair off destroyed jeans, if i can find a pair that i like. I have trouble with the patterns on jeans, because they make the tears really ugly, plus I'm not willing to pay more than $30 in a pair of jeans, thank goodness for sales!

I'm also in love with band tees at the moment. I know i promised not to buy anymore graphic tees, but band tees fall in another category for me, not only do they show people what type of music i like, but they promote the bands i like, and not all of them are popular enough to really on their popularity and gigs alone, so here are a few shirts I'm looking at buying.

All these shirts are under $20, i found most using Google's Product Search. From the top the bands and artists are Fall Out Boy, Electric Valentine, Pat Benatar, and Paramore. I love this Paramore shirt, i want to get it before they sell out, they only have two sizes left on Paramore's Merchandise shop.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fred Flare Lust List

I was on Fred Flare today and found a lot of really cute things, i doubt i'll be buying any, but some things are just soooo cute!

This adorable Hello Kitty Lunchbox is $15, i'd buy it, but i'll be going to college in a year, and i probably won't be packing my lunch. I might still buy it though.

These may be the cutest earrings i have ever seen! They're PB&J. Even though they're sooo cute, i don't know if i'd be willing to pay $12 for one pair of them.

This necklace is gorgeous. It seems very ethnic and tribal to me, and i think the turquoise is beautiful, but $42 is pushing it for me, i only pay that for shoes or jeans.

These earrings are also quite adorable, but also $12 and i don't think i'm ready to pay that much for one pair of earrings. Oh, mom you got your wish, I'm cheap!
I also found this shirt, and its at a reasonable price for a graphic tee, on sale for $17.99, but i don't want to buy any more graphic tees, i have so many all ready, too bad, this is pretty cute.

Fred Flare has lots of cute stuff, not all at reasonalbe prices, but still cute.

Farmer's Market, Mud Puddles, and Snow Flurries

Today was a cold, but beautiful day. I woke up, got some American Literature reading done, played some Tomb Raider Legend, and went to the Farmer's Market with my mom. I wish i could have taken some photos in the farmer's market, but they have a no photography rule, and I could have taken photos with my phone, but i don't had a sd card of cord so i can transfer the photos, so i just walked around and marveled at how much i really loved the farmers market.

The inside isn't super amazing, it has plain cement floors, and it's always crowded, but it's still fun. There are so many people of different cultures there, and so many cool foods. They even have a bakery and my mom bought me a slice of Mango Cream Cake, it was so delicious.
Not only is the food amazing at the farmer's market, but so are the people. Not only are there so many cultures, but also so many walks of life, from carnivore to vegetarian. And so many people with great fashion sense, i saw this one black girl who was curvy, but pulling off the punk/rocker look of skinny jeans, a striped tee and a military jacket very well, i was jealous of her, I'm always kind of afraid to wear skinny jeans out in public, because I'm kind of curvy.

Driving home was nice. Sitting in the car, eating my cake and looking out the windshield at the snow flurries slowly coming down. It was a really good day until we got home and i opened the car door and my purse fell in a mud puddle! Good thing i was carrying my new leather purse, so i could just wipe the mud off, but it still caught me off guard, i literally screamed when it hit the mud.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tutus, Straight Hair, Possible Jobs and More...

I haven't posted in a couple days and i hate when i don't post, but i haven't been able to think of things to post, but now i have a whole bunch. If i was smart I'd space them out over time, but i won't so here they are all at once.

Possible my new favorite clothing item, Hottopic has a great selection of ones that don't make me look like a ballerina, but still make me feel girly, and some would go well with my Baby Pink Doc Martens, which i still need to take photos of. The prices are okay, but for me they're kind of steep since i don't have a job at the moment, and my mom is worried about me getting one and not being able to keep up with my school work.
Some of these are referred to as ruffle skirts, but they look very similar to the skirts that are referred to as tutus, so i just call them tutus.

So I have all natural black hair, and not weak black hair. TOUGH black hair, that not even perms seem to fix. Seriously, when i get my hair permed it stays straight for like one day and then goes back to normal. I'd really like to have a straightener that really works, especially during college, when i might not be able to get my hair permed as often to to keep it tame for a day, so I'm looking at the InStyler. normally they're around $100, and the main website for the person who makes them lets you sample it for $14.99, but using Google Products search i was able to find some people that sell it for under $50, so i may invest in one.

So my mom says she may be able to get me a job this summer doing demos, (the samples that people serve in stores), i know it's not glamorous, but it's a job and it's money so I'll take it. My brother did this job a few years ago, but he's not able to stand in the same place for a long period of time, but i think i can take it.

I'm also going to DRAGON*CON! It's not until September, but i ordered my ticket already (its cheaper than waiting till the Summer, saved $30) and since i live near where its going to be I'm going to take MARTA everyday. I will definitely take pictures. This is another reason why i need money, for one thing the ticket cost $70, but its a 4 day pass, so that's not bad, and it better than paying $100 or more later. The second thing is that i have a friend who went and said people sell really cool things there and you spend a lot of money on it. Food isn't a problem, they provide food, unless you want to go out and eat. Anyways I'm super hyped and i want to get new clothes for my wardrobe so i have stuff to wear. I don't think I'll dress up like many people do, it's my first year going and i want to see how its like and then maybe ill dress up the next time I go.

I also have this new addiction to thrifting! I love new clothes, but things from years ago that other people can't find is cool too. I can't wait for my next thrifting trip after what i found first time. There's a thrift store near the cleaners that my dad goes to that i want to go to, it looks small, but who know what hidden treasures may be hidden there, it may just be the dress i been looking to turn into my futer homecoming or prom dress.

I'm hoping to remember to post on a dialy bases again, but you'll be hearing from me. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore, or as i know her, Laura Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show, is not only a beautiful women, a dancer and an actress, but my style icon of the moment. At one point she had her own show called the Mary Tyler Moore Show. She's a great actress. Her acting in The Dick Van Dye Show reminds me of Nicole Kidman in Australia, ditsy at times, okay a lot, but sweet adorable, and doing what she feels is right. I wish i could find more photos from The Dick Van Dyke Show, but i guess they're copyrighted or something, so i only have a few, but is you have any free time i suggest watching the show, i know, it's old and from the 60s, but it a funny and adorable show. Any ways, here are the picks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Monday Nights!

On Monday nights from 8-10 pm i watching nothing but CBS. They the cutest and funniest shows.
8pm- How i Met Your Mother:
During the first season this was Ted telling a story about how he met the mother of his children to his children, but over time it turned more into a newer version of Seinfeld. It's funny in it's own way and quite adorable. I suggest you watch it.

8:30pm- Accidentally on Purpose

The story of Billie after her hard break-up. She went out with her boss for three years, and after he didn't propose to her at the Eiffel Tower. In an attempt to make herself feel better she sleeps with budding chef of the mere age of 22, named James, and gets pregnant.

9:30- The Big Bang Theory

The day to day story of physicists Sheldon and Leonard and their two nerdy friends in the quest for knowledge, comic books, and girlfriends (except Sheldon, whose lady is science.). This is also the story of Leonard and Penny, the girl across who Leonard has a huge crush, but Penny doesn't think she's smart enough for him.

SO this is basically what i watch Monday nights, after a boring first day of the school week its fun to sit back and laugh. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freebies and Compliments

I went to a college fair at my school on Saturday and saw pretty much no schools that appealed to me or were in my general price range. Afterwards my mom dragged me to Great Clips so she could get a hair cut. My mom knows everyone at Great Clips, it's almost like she works there. Anyways, one of her best friends works there and said she'd give me a free hair cut, which I'd badly needed. I didn't get it styled, just trimmed because my hair was all different lengths.
That day i decided to wear my pink Doc Martens (I'll add a picture later, i plan on photo graphing my favorite clothes and adding pics to the blog) and while i was waiting on my mom a women popped her head in and said "I love your light pink Docs, they're so cute. Where'd you get them?" of course i told her,because i love compliments. If you were to give me a compliment and then ask me for anything (even my soul) I'd probably give it to you.
That was my pretty good Saturday. I'll upload more pictures later. See ya!
- Fate

Foundation vs Concealor vs Powder (What's What?)

I consider myself a make up noob, so when i went through my mom's make-up bag to see if she had anything good i mostly found foundation, mascara and lipstick, but nothing too good. I also found a container of Clinique powder. It didn't look like foundation or concealer, but my mom put it on the same way so i was left wondering what it did. I knew i wasn't the only person who didn't know the difference so i decided to research and put all together in one post for others to see and learn from. So, here we go:
  • Concealer: usually a very thick cream that is rubbed over pimples and anything else you don't want people to notice. Used for 'concealing' unwanted things.
  • Foundation: is to give all over looking smoothness and make you face have the same all over skin tone.
  • Powder: used to reduce shine, especially on your T-zone. (T-zone: from the tip of you nose up and across your forehead.)
To me the definition for powder doesn't make since because what my mom have was shiny, but i don't know it may just appear shiny in the container and becomes dull ( is that the opposite of shiny?) when applied.

Well i'll update once i learn more about make-up.

Thinking of Summer During Winter

This summer I'd like to do a lot of things because usually i don't do anything over the summer. What i really hate is when i plan to do things, but don't do them or i have to apply and i don't get in or just don't turn in my application, but this year i really want to try, because i really need money. So, Here's my list of things i want to do this Summer:
  • Get a job (preferably at a retail store or Brusters, but I'll look around, i don't want to be nit-picky)
  • Volunteer (Either weekends in my neighborhood cleaning up, or cleaning out the creek in my neighborhood, or at a summer camp. I'd try for a hospital, but those are always full so even if i do get my application in the only thing i can do is wait and see if some one will quit and i can take their place)
  • Learn to play the piano. I've recently fallen in love with the artist LIGHTS and she composes all of her music herself on her keyboard and piano. I've always wonted to make my own music, but I only know how to play recorder, flute clarinet, and bass clarinet (I know that sounds like a lot, but bass clarinet and clarinet are very similar, and the recorder is very simple.) My high school gives beginner keyboard classes, but my schedule's already full.
  • Take a jewelry class. Sushi, the blogger on the blog Le Blog De Sushi takes a jewelry class and makes her own jewelry and it looks really cool. I've tried simple things and it was fun, so I'd like to move on to more professional looking and more difficult stuff.
  • Upcycle and make DIY clothes. I have always liked this idea, and I've made some cute doll clothes, but whenever i do it for myself I always run into problems that ruin the look of the whole thing. Still the end result and just being able to make my own clothes would be very rewarding, and maybe i could make a cute lace hoodie like the one Kevin Nyugen made for the blogger from That's Chic, I'm IN LOVE with that hoodie! I also like upcycling and I'd really like to upcycle a dress for homecoming and/or prom.
  • I'll probably come up with more things to do over the summer and i probably won't do half of these, but i'd really like to. I'd also like to keep up with this blog, this is like the 4th blog I've started in my life time and I'd like to keep up with it. I've already missed two days in a row of not posting, though really it's only one to me, since it still feels like yesterday and it's only one in the morning. I'd better be getting to bed, I'm tired, I try to figure out something to port for tomorrow, maybe something about friendship bracelets because my friend wants me to make her one.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blogs I <3

Today I found two new blogs I love:
- Le blog de sushi
- blushing ambition

Le Blog de Sushi is a wonderful blog. Sushi, the bloggers website name is gorgeous. She was featured on wikifashion, and definitely deserves it. Her closet consists of generic brands and brand names, and DIY stuff that she's made, vintage and things she altered by herself. She's very talented and deserves for other to know about her.

Blushing Ambition is also a cute blog. The blogger Annabel takes really cute pictures of herself and her boyfriends. They're very cute. She has wonderful style also. I like her blog because it's not only of her fashion, but also restaurants she goes to, among other things. Annabel's fashion is more casual, but not jeans and a graphic tee, that's why i like it. It's not extravagant, so if i want to copy her style for the day i won't feel awkward and feel like people are looking at me because my outfit is weird.

Both these bloggers sell some of their clothes that they don't want anymore, so visit their blogs and looked around you may find something you like. I'd post pictures, but for the sake of my fellow bloggers I'll just tell you to visit their pages and view the pictures. Links to blogs are in my side panel.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lace and Crochet and Studs, Oh My!

Oh what a cliche' title, but that's what this post is about, mostly. There are some ruffles too and some other stuff, but basically this is me Forever21 Wishlist as of today.
This cute crocheted beanie is $5.50. I've been wanting more beanies, and the flower on it drew me to it.

I am currently in LOVE with this top. I first saw it on the blog That's Chic and i fell in love with it. When i saw it wasn't a designer top, but from forever21, something i could actually afford i fell even harder. My sister has heard very little from me in the last few days except "I WANT THAT TOP!". I'm very willing to pay $24.80 for this beauty, which is like a month's allowance for me, and then some.

These shoes are really cute. I've wanted some heels with studs/metal pieces on it and I've found a good pair. They're $26.80, so i might look for a pair similar to them on first and see what i can find.

I have i cardigan and it's a long brown boyfriend cardigan, so when saw this in Forever21's Fabulous Finds section for $14.50 i had only one problem: picking what color i wanted.

This is one of the few rings on Forever21's website that I've thought of buying. they have lots of really cute rings, but they have limited sizes and i have chubby fingers, so when i saw expandable in the description, this beauty went right to my wishlist. $5.80.

There was a ruffle babydoll tank top on their website that i wanted too, but it's no there anymore... :(... makes me sad, but i think I'll survive.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tribute to NCIS's Abby Sciuto

I'm watching NCIS right now and noticed that i LOVE Abby's clothes. She the most adorable character, and even though she looks Gothic and tough, she's so sweet. Here are some pictures of her I love.

On the episode I'm watching right now she wears a red NCIS jumpsuit, but i couldn't find a picture of that.
I love her parasol in the third picture. Here skirt in the fourth picture is really cute and i found some like it on Hottopic's website that i want to get, but they're all around $35, so I'm iffy about the price. In the first picture she kind of reminds me of the lead singer of Evanesence, Amy ... oh... I'll never remember her last name, but she looks gorgeous in this dress. She's just an adorable character. I remember once someone compared my personality to her and i was honored. Sure she sleeps in a coffin and is afraid of autopsy, but she sweet.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love 3 Day Weekends Because of 4 Day School Weeks

So i went to the Goodwill near my house for the first time and i wasn't really expecting to find anything, but i found a few cute things.

I found this leather liz claiborn purse for less than $3! I was so excited when i saw it. I been needing a new purse, I really only have 3 reliable purses.

I found this sweater vest(?). I didn't see the buttons on it when i bought it, but it a cute summery sweater (even is summer and sweaters oppose one another). This cost $4.39.

I found this other white sweater vest, but its more girly than the other one. I love it! I couldn't find a tag on it anywhere, and it looks almost handmade. Anyways, i love it. This was $4.39.

I found this green gingham shirt in the hopes of making it into a dress using the instructable from my previous post, but it turned out to be really short in the back, i may try to do it again with a different shirt. After my failed attempt to make a dress I sat looking at this shirt and decided i would roll up the sleeves and tie it at the waste. My mom won't like this, but it looks cute, and I'll wear a tank top on under it. This shirt ended up being $4.39-ish.

I will definitely be going back to that Goodwill. I don't care what people say about the clothes being dirty of used, wash them and you'll be fine. When it gets warmer I'm planning on taking photos of the outfits i create. I want to do this outside because my neighborhood is pretty scenic.

I want to give credit to the Queen of Clearance for pushing me to go to Goodwill. It's one of those things I've always said I'd do, but I've never gone through with.

Look forward to future posts! I know i do!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool DIYs from

So I was on looking at some cool drafts and i found two really cool ones. The first is How To Make A Dress from a Button Down Shirt.

I haven't made one yet, but I want to. It looks really easy. And you can see that the results can be casual or more formal. I really want to try this since i have problems finding dresses that fit me since I'm a size D. I'm gonna see if i can go to Goodwill and find some button down shirts with cool designs to use.

The second instructable i found is T-Shirt to Sexy Top, and it's ho to turn a t-shirt in to a really cute tube top. This one is a bit more involved than the one before, but still easier than some other things I've seen.

These are both really cool ideas, and is full of How To guides for cool things like this.
I like these instructables because they're easy and when you are done you can add on more decorations to make them your own.

The addresses for the instructions are below, the names are in the web addresses so you can tell which is which:

Thanks to Diana.Christea for the how to on the tube top, and emattrose on the how to for the dress.