Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thinking of Summer During Winter

This summer I'd like to do a lot of things because usually i don't do anything over the summer. What i really hate is when i plan to do things, but don't do them or i have to apply and i don't get in or just don't turn in my application, but this year i really want to try, because i really need money. So, Here's my list of things i want to do this Summer:
  • Get a job (preferably at a retail store or Brusters, but I'll look around, i don't want to be nit-picky)
  • Volunteer (Either weekends in my neighborhood cleaning up, or cleaning out the creek in my neighborhood, or at a summer camp. I'd try for a hospital, but those are always full so even if i do get my application in the only thing i can do is wait and see if some one will quit and i can take their place)
  • Learn to play the piano. I've recently fallen in love with the artist LIGHTS and she composes all of her music herself on her keyboard and piano. I've always wonted to make my own music, but I only know how to play recorder, flute clarinet, and bass clarinet (I know that sounds like a lot, but bass clarinet and clarinet are very similar, and the recorder is very simple.) My high school gives beginner keyboard classes, but my schedule's already full.
  • Take a jewelry class. Sushi, the blogger on the blog Le Blog De Sushi takes a jewelry class and makes her own jewelry and it looks really cool. I've tried simple things and it was fun, so I'd like to move on to more professional looking and more difficult stuff.
  • Upcycle and make DIY clothes. I have always liked this idea, and I've made some cute doll clothes, but whenever i do it for myself I always run into problems that ruin the look of the whole thing. Still the end result and just being able to make my own clothes would be very rewarding, and maybe i could make a cute lace hoodie like the one Kevin Nyugen made for the blogger from That's Chic, I'm IN LOVE with that hoodie! I also like upcycling and I'd really like to upcycle a dress for homecoming and/or prom.
  • I'll probably come up with more things to do over the summer and i probably won't do half of these, but i'd really like to. I'd also like to keep up with this blog, this is like the 4th blog I've started in my life time and I'd like to keep up with it. I've already missed two days in a row of not posting, though really it's only one to me, since it still feels like yesterday and it's only one in the morning. I'd better be getting to bed, I'm tired, I try to figure out something to port for tomorrow, maybe something about friendship bracelets because my friend wants me to make her one.

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