Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farmer's Market, Mud Puddles, and Snow Flurries

Today was a cold, but beautiful day. I woke up, got some American Literature reading done, played some Tomb Raider Legend, and went to the Farmer's Market with my mom. I wish i could have taken some photos in the farmer's market, but they have a no photography rule, and I could have taken photos with my phone, but i don't had a sd card of cord so i can transfer the photos, so i just walked around and marveled at how much i really loved the farmers market.

The inside isn't super amazing, it has plain cement floors, and it's always crowded, but it's still fun. There are so many people of different cultures there, and so many cool foods. They even have a bakery and my mom bought me a slice of Mango Cream Cake, it was so delicious.
Not only is the food amazing at the farmer's market, but so are the people. Not only are there so many cultures, but also so many walks of life, from carnivore to vegetarian. And so many people with great fashion sense, i saw this one black girl who was curvy, but pulling off the punk/rocker look of skinny jeans, a striped tee and a military jacket very well, i was jealous of her, I'm always kind of afraid to wear skinny jeans out in public, because I'm kind of curvy.

Driving home was nice. Sitting in the car, eating my cake and looking out the windshield at the snow flurries slowly coming down. It was a really good day until we got home and i opened the car door and my purse fell in a mud puddle! Good thing i was carrying my new leather purse, so i could just wipe the mud off, but it still caught me off guard, i literally screamed when it hit the mud.

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