Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool DIYs from

So I was on looking at some cool drafts and i found two really cool ones. The first is How To Make A Dress from a Button Down Shirt.

I haven't made one yet, but I want to. It looks really easy. And you can see that the results can be casual or more formal. I really want to try this since i have problems finding dresses that fit me since I'm a size D. I'm gonna see if i can go to Goodwill and find some button down shirts with cool designs to use.

The second instructable i found is T-Shirt to Sexy Top, and it's ho to turn a t-shirt in to a really cute tube top. This one is a bit more involved than the one before, but still easier than some other things I've seen.

These are both really cool ideas, and is full of How To guides for cool things like this.
I like these instructables because they're easy and when you are done you can add on more decorations to make them your own.

The addresses for the instructions are below, the names are in the web addresses so you can tell which is which:

Thanks to Diana.Christea for the how to on the tube top, and emattrose on the how to for the dress.

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  1. Fate,
    Hi There! Thank you so much for the compliment! I love your post here as well I might have to borrow the idea- if I do Ill link you.

    Well keep checkin in over at QofC everynow and then...Ill be updating!