Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping List

So, I meant to finish my homework Friday night so i could spend my three day weekend care-free, but that didn't happen. Now it's early Saturday morning and I'm trying to read an online textbook for my AP Environmental Science class, but I'm getting distracting and looking at clothes.

I want a pair of flats, but i have wide feet and it's had to find shoes that fit me. I'm not sure if i just want basic ballerina flats or if i want pointed flats. Here are some pointed ones i found that i kind of like:
They're $11 on Bonanzle (or is it bonanza? idk)

I also need some more jeans, and i think I'm gonna get a few pairs of skinny jeans, even though I'm not skinny, but i think i can pull them off. I really want a pair of destroyed/destructed/whatever the style is called jeans. I saw some at walmart for$20 from the Miley Cyrus Max Azria Collection.

I also want some more shirts, but no more graphic tees, because it seems like that's all i have. Forever21 has some cute tops and i was a top at walmart with a zipper back that looked really cute. It was on sale for $8 so i need to jump on that.

Here's a picture, but it's not that great, I'll see if i can get a better one.

I'm also into beanies and berets.I know Forever21 and H&M have a great selection at good prices, but i don't live close to one of either. Hm....

I also wants some cardigans, i always mean to buy some, but never do. They'd look really good with graphic tees and jeans, and my usually converse since those are like the only tennis shoes that fit my feet.

Any ways, it's getting late, I think I'll go to bed, i somehow finished my reading, though that doesn't mean I'll remember what i read Tuesday, but I'll make it.

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