Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blogs I <3

Today I found two new blogs I love:
- Le blog de sushi
- blushing ambition

Le Blog de Sushi is a wonderful blog. Sushi, the bloggers website name is gorgeous. She was featured on wikifashion, and definitely deserves it. Her closet consists of generic brands and brand names, and DIY stuff that she's made, vintage and things she altered by herself. She's very talented and deserves for other to know about her.

Blushing Ambition is also a cute blog. The blogger Annabel takes really cute pictures of herself and her boyfriends. They're very cute. She has wonderful style also. I like her blog because it's not only of her fashion, but also restaurants she goes to, among other things. Annabel's fashion is more casual, but not jeans and a graphic tee, that's why i like it. It's not extravagant, so if i want to copy her style for the day i won't feel awkward and feel like people are looking at me because my outfit is weird.

Both these bloggers sell some of their clothes that they don't want anymore, so visit their blogs and looked around you may find something you like. I'd post pictures, but for the sake of my fellow bloggers I'll just tell you to visit their pages and view the pictures. Links to blogs are in my side panel.

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