Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pizza and Outfit Posts, what more could you want?

In honor of the weekend and relaxing i decided to make pizza, which actually does relax me. I made three pizzas, the first on i forgot to take photos of, but it was half mushroom and half peppers. The other two pizzas i made were the same type: spinach, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes. I actually took a picture of one of these, turned out amazing. I still have pizza dough left so I'm going to make another one tomorrow.

I also ventured out today to take outfit pictures. It was quite trecherous as my sister some how convince me to go through the woods in heels only a few days after it had rained. Then i almost fell in the creek, because climbing on rocks in heels is not easy. I got some pretty good pictures though, so it wasn't too bad.

The shirt is from Forever21, the pants are American Eagle brand boyfriend jeans that i got from TJMaxx, the shoes are from Payless, my earrings (white roses) are from Claire's, the hat is thrifted.

I also have this new love for H&M, even though i've never been into one, but i went to their website and fell in love! Must see if i can go there one weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Death of Girl Scout Cookies and AP U.S. History Projects

So last weekend my mom bought me a box of thin mints from some girls scouts and then she went and ate most of them, i had like 7! She said she'd buy me some more, but until then I'll just pine over them.
I've spent pretty much all week working on a project for my AP U.S. History class that is 20% of my grade (and the only project we have this year). I'm so tired and stressed, HUGE APUSH PROJECTS + FAILING PUTT-PUTT BOATS (from my engineering class) ARE NO FUN!
I'm probably going to go to bed soon.
I really want to do an outfit post, i may just do one tomorrow even if it is cold, because i have a cute outfit i want to show.
I'm planning on have a picnic at a nearby park for my birthday in May, i just have to ask my parents and see if they'll let me.
I'm sorry that this post is really random, but i hat when i don't post for a long time, so even this makes me feel better.
I think I'm falling in love with bad boys again, even though the guy I'm talking about (from an earlier post, the one i know my parents would hate) is sweet and sentimental on the inside and i kinda regret avoiding him over the last few months.
I'm having a major Mulan 'Reflections' moment and wondering how people see me and if I'm trying to make myself seem like someone I'm not, and all this other stuff, maybe I'm just freaking out because my mom asked me if i was gay because she just found out i have friends that are gay. I'm also having problems with just finding stuff I'm good at.
I want to go shopping this weekend since i haven't gone in forever. I need to clean my room so i can figure out what happened to half my closet, but i really need to just take a break, I haven't been sleeping well lately and i know it will (if it hasn't already) affect me negatively.
Also just the fact that it's February has me down, even though the month is coming to a close. February has valentines day (I'm almost always single by then), i have SATs in around a month, it's freezing, it's not close to the end of the year, it's black history month and ow all the sudden people want the black perspective at my school and I'm not willing to give it to them because i feel that if they wanted it they should have accepted it sooner (really? one month for black people [even though i often say I'm not black] and you want us to give you the perspective of a whole ethnicity) Seriously, February is just a b*tch that comes to bite me in the but every year.
[i wanted to take an outfit picture with my girl scout cookies, no i wasn't going to dress up as a girl scout]
I hope you hear from me soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extravagant Little Things

So, over the last week or so i have gone through so much. Yeah, they're all small things, but they felt major to me. I had a three day test in my AP U.S. history class, which i have mixed feelings about. Built a putt-putt boat in my engineering class. Decided what i was going to do this summer, which may include working as a demo sales person (handing out samples, coupons, etc.), volunteering at the library, and maybe going to a college in Pennsylvania for a week. The last on I'm iffy about, because it's only $300 dollars (in comparison to other programs with can be up to $5,000 , and there's lots of lab time, which i love, but i don't know if i want to go. At this moment i just really don't want to take a plane there for a week and live in a building in the middle of nowhere with people that i don't know, that I'll only know for a week and do lab work. My mom's pressuring me to do it, but as i said before, I'm iffy.
For my birthday i also want to do things this year. I'm going to get my ears double pierced, which I've been wanting to do forever, but could never convince my mom to let me until now. I also want to have a birthday party, but nothing lame, i want it to be picnic at the park with my friends, during summer so we can just chill out and not worry about school or anything.
I've also decided that once i turn 18 (not this year, but at the end of the school year next year) I'd like to join a roller derby league, so I'm going to start training this summer.
I'm also going to clean out my closet so i can get rid of anything i know i won't wear so i can get new clothes, because my mom said i can't get any new clothes unless they're skirts or dresses for summer, of course i shall break this rule.
It's warming up here in Georgia, so I'll be taking more outfit pictures soon. I would've done it this weekend, but I was rarely at home, i spent most of my time at other people's houses working on projects.
Off to bed, I'm quite tired.
- Fate

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When You Don't Get What You Want

Whenever i get a three or four day weekend off from school i like to do things, go to the movies, finish up some DIY projects, go thrifting, stuff like that. This weekend i didn't do anything! Then there was Valentine's Day, which if your single is terrible, and if you're single and have a crush on someone it's even worse. So i really haven't been up to posting lately.
It's getting even colder in Georgia, instead of warming up which means a delay on outfit posts, unless it snows again, then i'll come up with something special. I also really want to go see Cobra Starship in concert, but i've never been to a concert so I'm nervous and the only way i can go is with my Dad. Believe me, i like my dad, but he doesn't like my music and i'd hate to force him to sit through hours of it, but i REALLY want to go, plus it'll be a good reward for finishing the school year and taking SATs (it's in either early June or early July, I'll have to look it up). I'm hoping I'll be able to go thrifting this weekend and find some cool things to either have or upcycle. Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures, ... and Apologies to Fed-ex

So first off I must apologize to fed-ex, my package got here today and i was ecstatic! (I will take photos soon!) Sorry fed-ex, even though my package was in California for like 4 days.
I finally took outfit photos yesterday! It was snowing last night, it rarely snows in Georgia, so I took photos, I'm still not sure if my grey skinny jeans match with my coat, but this is what I wore!

These are my favorite pictures of the bunch, i really don't like photos of myself, which is ironic because i like taking the pictures, and putting up outfit posts is fun, but i don't like the out come.
Hat- American Eagle
Coat- New York & Company
Jeans- Miley Cyrus & Max Azria for Walmart
Boots- Moms

Anyways, i got my gold pyramid studs through the mail yesterday and put some studs on an old bag that use to be my mom's 'clubbing' purse (i can't imagine my mom clubbing). I added some studs to make it edgier, i like it better, i know that studs aren't 100% straight, but whatever it still looks good. Here are the before and after pictures.

I also have long awaited photos of my boots for you! Yes i am making up on broken promises!

The pink boots are my Doc Martins that i got for off of for $60 instead of $120, which is the price the Doc Martin website had them for. The brown boots i got from for $22, they're not leather, but i like them none the less.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fed-ex, Wedges, and Blazers

So I'm really angry that Fed-ex is telling me my shipment from Forever21 that i ordered last week won't get here 'til next week! It takes a week and a half to ship to Georgia from California!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh.... and then Forever21 charged me $6 for shipping, that's like a new hat or shirt! If forever21 used the USPS for shipping it would cost less and get here faster, even if they do get holidays off! I'm so angry. I finally ordered that lace top and there's a tree down my street that looks amazing in bloom and i think it will bloom before my shirt gets here, but i want to take pictures under it for my first outfit post!
Uh... anyways, I found some really cute wedges on all for summer and all under $25, one pairs on sale and they're $15. I'm trying to get the money to get a pair to wear with my maxi dress when i get it. Here are pictures of the ones i like that I'm thinking of getting, i'll probably only get one pair, if i do get a pair.

I lied, one of these shoes isn't really as summer as the rest, its a moccasin wedge. Still i think their cute, i might buy them as casual heels, since they're on sale for
There are also some really cute floral flats i found on Delia's website, they're like $45, so i don't think i'll be getting them, but I'd love to have them. I think they
re gorgeous and very summery. I don't own a single pair of flats, so these would be a welcomed addition to my shoe collection.

Now onto blazers! I remember when i used to hate blazers because they reminded me of school, and church and christian private schools, but now that I'm older, and more mature, or whatever, they're cool additions to a wardrobe. I've been looking at the boyfriend cardigan at Walmart from the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria collection and I think i'll get it:
1) because it's only $20 and it may be less if i can find it on sale
2) the fabric is like a t-shirt fabric, so is flexible and comfy
3) it's thin- this may seem like a down fall but for me its good. I wear jackets year round, even in the summer, i'm naturally chilly and I'd like to have a thin blazer i can throw on when I'm cold and still look cute.
P.S. the sleeves roll/fold down
Here's a picture of the jacket, hopefuly i can still find one, i must go in search of one this weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Very Cute Dress

I've been looking for the perfect maxi dress ever sense i saw pictures on my two favorite blogs (Super Wow OMG and blushing ambition). All credit to the bloogers for these pictures.

These maxi's are gorgeous! I know it's early to be searching for a Maxi for summer, but i really want to wear more dresses this summer. I've spent days seraching for on i like and I've finally found THE ONE!
It's $34.50 at Old Navy, I signed up for their e-mails to see if i could get a coupon, I know I'm cheap, but if i can get it for less i will try to, that's how my mom brought me up.

Here's another dress i found on american apparels website that i saw when i was looking for cardigans. It's a little short in my opinion so i'd wear it with skinny jeans or shorts or leggings (ooooohhh... leggins that could work well since it covers the but, so it won't look hideous like people who where graphic tees and leggings, that looks wrong when the shirt is normal sized, so you can see their butt.) Anyways, here's the pictures! I like the redish one the best, the color is cranberry. They don't have the black and white striped one online anymore.

I also want some wedge sandals for summer! I can't wait for it to get warm!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Picante Rice, Beer, Sundays and DIY Necklaces

Oh... So my Superbowl Sunday was quite amazing. I went to see avatar in the morning. SO AMAZING, WILL BE OWNING IT WHEN IT COMES OUT ON DVD! Then i went home and made dinner for my family. I made burritos and picante rice. It was really good. I watched the Superbowl, all four hours of it, though it was 50 minutes of football and 3 hours of commercials, but they were good commercials, not lame boring ones. My dad let me sample his beers and they were quite good, but I don't think i'll ever a heavy drinker or beer lover. So the sips of beer mixed with picante rice made me so sick i had to leve school early, but you guys don't need to know about that.

On a lighter note, i am so in live with the blog Super Wow OMG!, it's in my sidebar. Her style is AMAZING! and she makes really cool diy accessories. Great inspiration for making my own jewelry.
This a safety pin necklace she made based off of a piece by Marc Jacobs. She has tons more of diy things on her blog and she has inspired me to start mkaing my own jewelry again, must go to Michael's this weekend, (i have 4 days off!).

Here's another cool DIY necklace i want to make. My mom will hate it becasue of all the safety pins, but i love it! Will look amazing with a ripped or slub tee! Or even just a plain tank and skinny jeans with a bomber jacket.TI've also been lusting after a blue striped shirt like the one below, but the one below is in either CHinese or Japanese sizes, so it won't fit me! AHH! It's so cute, I love it, the pic is cute too.
So what to take from this post, DIY is good and beer and picate rice don't mix.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Changes and Shopping

So when i started my blog, i never really like the title 'Lost in Wonderland', but it was all i could think of that i was even okay with. I just changed the title of my blog to 'Dreams of the City', because of my love of big cities and all they have to offer, and i felt that it expressed more of who was than cliche' 'Lost in Wonderland'.

i've been yearning to go to Goodwill to find a red plaid shirt, or somewhere that won't charge me 20 bucks for it. I'd also want a faux leather, or real leather (but would probably be way out of my price range), jacket. Their cute and comfy, and tough feeling. Evidently i give off a tough appearance to some people, i don't see it (when i add pictures of myself you'll me able to tell why), but i feel like i act tough to cover u shyness, and the jacket seems like it does the same thing, tough on the outside, soft on the inside. (look at what my American Lit. teacher has done to me, now i'm describing jackets like people)

My mom bought me new jeans today while i was asleep, nothing special, a pair of flare and a pair of bootcut, because i really only had 2 or 3 pairs of jeans. I'm still searching for the perfect pair of destroyed jeans.

I also want a blazer. There's on from the Miley Cyrus Max Azria collection (at Walmart) for $20, it may be on clearance now. It's a soft cotton boyfriend blazer, and when i get the plaid shirt i'd like to pair them together along with a white t-shirt.

Cold and kind of sleepy at the moment, i spent this morning cleaning my room and catching up on math homework for a homework check on Monday. I haven't done anything real extraordinary lately. There's a guy at school who i think likes me, and another one that i know likes me. It's funny because they're both completely different. I don't like either of them in that way, but they're good guys. One has liked me since my freshman year of high school (I'm currently a junior) and he's a bad-ass gothic type. I had this on-an-off feeling of liking him, but mostly it was because he was the type of guy that my parents would hate, always trying to kiss me and get close to me, he would have drove my parents crazy. He asked me to homecoming, and converts, and we kissed once, but i never really liked him, i just liked the idea of him. The other guy is smart, quirky, nice, sweet, basic good guy that any parent wants their daughter to go out with or even marry. I few years ago i used to joke about him liking one of friends, now he seems to like me, he's always trying to hug me and be near me. Once i worked with him on a project in my engineering class at school and i was gone for one day because i was really sick and evidently all he did was pine over the fact that i wasn't there. He sweet and all, but i don't like him like that. Maybe i'm too picky, maybe i should give guys a chance, but at this point i don't think i really need to worry about guys, i doubt i'm going to fall in love during high school. hmmm... another random rant, something's wrong with me today...

Anyways, i also want some black skinny jeans, and some dresses for Summer. I really want a Maxi dress, and a yellow dress, the yellow dress in the March issue of seventeen (yes, i read seventeen) is gorgeous and i'd be willing to save up $60 for it. I order the lace tunic from forever21 that i had in an earlier post, i also bought a double finger ring, which i'm not sure will fit my chubby fingers, but if it doesn't i thing i'll just cut the loops open and sand the edges so it becomes flexible.

I need to go and read "They're Eyes Were Watching God" by Zura Neal Hursten (if i misspelled please forgive me), for my American Lit. class.

At the moment my life seems dreary, but i know it will pick up soon...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Problems in the Fashion Industry

I usually can't find problems with the fashion industry, but while shopping online on Forever21's website i remembered a long standing issue I've had with the fashion industry: Sizes. Not only does each store have a slightly different or completely different way of sizing (i.e. at Forever21 I'm a larger, an XL at Kohl's and a XXXL at Dot's.). I'm not a plus size girl, but some stores make me feel that way. It's not only the variations in sizing of clothes in general, but more specifically the sizing of bust areas in tops. I'm a size D when it comes to bra cup sizes and it's hard to find dresses and tops that fit me, because a lot of them have a select area for the bust, and a band below it to cinch the waist. If i were to wear tops and dresses like this my bust would be either sliced in half, make my boobs feel weird and look weird, or there'd a lot of uni-boob, or a lot of cleavage, and i don't want to look slutty or have people view me as being slutty.
This isn't just a problem with my size D boobs, I have friends who have size C cups boobs, and they are healthy,lean girls, and they have the same problem as i do. Some how the fashion industry seems to be incapable of making clothes that fit all types of girls and that's a problem. The fashion industry needs to understand that not every girl is a B cup or even a C cup or smaller, and that they should try to provide for every size, not just the smaller ones, or more common sizes. I know more and more girls who are larger than a B cup and we are increasingly finding problems when it comes to shopping. The ideal shape and size for clothes may be thin and skinny, but not all girls and women fit that mold.
I'm not saying all stores do this, but a lot do, and I still love clothes and fashion, and I'm not angry at Forever21 or anyone else, i just want designers to realize that all girls and women's needs need to be met, or at least more of our needs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I Can't Be Vegetarian

In my AP Environmental class we watched a movie about the meat industry, animal mistreatment, disease, and much more, and by the end i was crying and considering (yet again) about becoming a vegetarian, but by lunch time, that had changed and i quickly ate my beef filled tamales. Here are some reason's i can't become a universe.

  • Sushi (I love sushi!)
  • Orange Chicken (Nothing like good orange chicken to warm the soul and lift the spirits)
  • Cheeseburgers (sometimes i just have a craving)
  • Ribs! (It's not the 4th of July without them!)
  • Bratwurst (so good with bread!)
I know there's more that i can't think of, but i don't think i could become a vegetarian, even with all the new tofu and soy products made to taste and look like meat.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Constantly Feel Like Dancing!

So over the course of last night and today i redicovered a Cobra Starship son I'm in love with : 'Prostitution is the odlest Religion...' It has a really long title, you can find it easily on youtube. I've has that song on repeat on my mp3 player and i feel like dancing when i hear it, but i can't randomly start dancing in school, since i'm not even supposed to be listening to my mp3 player. So my rekindled love for Cobra Starship and the latest post from the blog fazed girl (a links in my side panel) has given me the idea to post basically my music wishlist. I won't put all the CDs on here that i want, actually i won't put any on, but you can tell my style from the other stuff i post.Cobra Starship, of course! I love their music, it's perfect for dancing and jumping around to! This shirt is adorable! On Fueled by Ramen's website, $15, i think.
Fall Out Boy! Their newer stuff has been on and off with me, but i generally love them.
The artist Panic At The Disco, formerly known as Panic! At The Disco. I know, ohhh, such a major name change. I love them, even if their two albums have been very different their still good. I don't care if people say their newest album was an attempt to copy the Beetles, they write good music, they perform wonderfully, and i love them.
Paramore! one of the many bands i love with female lead singers, pushing girls even more into rock music, Haley (is that how you spell her first name? Their are so many different ways to spell it) is so cool. I love how she's always changing her hair color, she makes me want to dye my hair even more! (fyi: i want to have purple streaks in my hair, but my parents won't let me... oh so depressing)

The most amazing headphones ever! (that are in my price range!) These are skullcandy headphones, and even at $39.95, for quality headphones i would pay that much, my always break. And they have an amazing warranty. If the headphones don't survive your 'aggressive listening' you can send them in along witha letter and a form for a 50% coupon on a new pair, some times they'll give you a free pair in the case of defective headphones or 'large heads' in the case of the blogger of fazed girl.

As final words i have no idea what to say except, enjoy music, that's what it's for!