Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tribute to NCIS's Abby Sciuto

I'm watching NCIS right now and noticed that i LOVE Abby's clothes. She the most adorable character, and even though she looks Gothic and tough, she's so sweet. Here are some pictures of her I love.

On the episode I'm watching right now she wears a red NCIS jumpsuit, but i couldn't find a picture of that.
I love her parasol in the third picture. Here skirt in the fourth picture is really cute and i found some like it on Hottopic's website that i want to get, but they're all around $35, so I'm iffy about the price. In the first picture she kind of reminds me of the lead singer of Evanesence, Amy ... oh... I'll never remember her last name, but she looks gorgeous in this dress. She's just an adorable character. I remember once someone compared my personality to her and i was honored. Sure she sleeps in a coffin and is afraid of autopsy, but she sweet.

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