Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fred Flare Lust List

I was on Fred Flare today and found a lot of really cute things, i doubt i'll be buying any, but some things are just soooo cute!

This adorable Hello Kitty Lunchbox is $15, i'd buy it, but i'll be going to college in a year, and i probably won't be packing my lunch. I might still buy it though.

These may be the cutest earrings i have ever seen! They're PB&J. Even though they're sooo cute, i don't know if i'd be willing to pay $12 for one pair of them.

This necklace is gorgeous. It seems very ethnic and tribal to me, and i think the turquoise is beautiful, but $42 is pushing it for me, i only pay that for shoes or jeans.

These earrings are also quite adorable, but also $12 and i don't think i'm ready to pay that much for one pair of earrings. Oh, mom you got your wish, I'm cheap!
I also found this shirt, and its at a reasonable price for a graphic tee, on sale for $17.99, but i don't want to buy any more graphic tees, i have so many all ready, too bad, this is pretty cute.

Fred Flare has lots of cute stuff, not all at reasonalbe prices, but still cute.

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