Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What To Do About Pimples

Last month I got so many pimples over winter break, so I've decided to make a post about pimples: popping them, getting rid of them, and making them disappear.

Popping Them:
So, you aren't supposed to pop pimples until they have a white head, or you'll get scars, but I do this all the time. But I do have a few darker spots on my face now from doing that, so I recommend following this rule, I sure need to. But there are was to pop pimples if you really want to get rid of them:
  • Wash your face. Take two Q-tips and gently press on the pimple until it bursts. Stop when you see blood.
  • Wash your face. Sterilize a needle (or safety pin) with alcohol or by running it thru a flame (Make sure it cools!). Use the needle or pin to poke a hole in the pimple, then you a tissue and gently press the pimple. Stop when you see blood.
  • Wash your face. Use a tissue to gently press on the pimple until it burst. Stop when you see blood.
Make Them Seem Smaller
There are tone of ways to reduce pimple size, redness, etc. that you may not know about. Just know that I haven't personally tried all of these.

  • Some people say to put a dab of toothpaste on it and leave it there for a few hours to reduce size and redness.
  • My mom told me to but some Listerine on a cotton ball and hold that on the pimple for a while. (I've tried this and it really works for me. I use the antiseptic Listerine, not the flavored. The antiseptic Listerine is also good for cleaning cuts and using on mosquito bites to shrink them and reduce redness and itching.)
  • You can also place an ice pack or a spoon that's chilled in your fridge or freezer on the pimple to reduce size and redness. Great for when your in a rush.
  • Good concealer is a life saver, but make sure you don't put too much on and that it's blended well so it doesn't look awkward.
  • A good pimple cream is good. What I'm anxious to try out is the Clearasil ultra Pimple Blocking Pen.

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