Friday, July 23, 2010

Follow Me

Hey, god i know no one comes here any more, but if someone does follow me at my new home;

Hope 2 c u there!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping Obsession

I went to the mall today, wearing my new boots! Yay! i have photos below. I think i'm addicted to shopping. Thursday i stayed home, because i wasn't feeling well, and while i was sick i boot some stuff from forever21, the $11.50 skinny jeans were back so i got a couple pairs along with the white and navy striped skirt. Today i went to the mall and i got a new top from forever21. I tried on the dress in the previous post, but alas, the dress was not built for my chest size, though the rest was. I'm still looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe, and when my mom told me "Don't buy anything else except some skirts for summer" i told i wouldn't but in my head i said "Yeah right!" Here are the photos of what i wore to the mall! I've also really gotten into Chictopia, and i'm think of just using that i redirecting this to my Chictopia blog. I like how easy it is to post on here, but on Chictopia it's easier to find other blogs and view other people's photos, which i really like. ANd there are forums where you can ask people questions. I'm still thinking about it, but i just wanted to let you guys know.

They're Finally Here

I got my boots in the mail Friday, but it's the end of the school year and i have tests like crazy, so i've been slow to post. Here are my boots. i have an outfit post with them in it soon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If Everything Can Go Wrong It Will Go Wrong

Uh! Today has been the worst day ever! I woke up late to the sound of the Jonas Brothers 'Love Bug'. I have nothing against the song, but i really wasn't in the mood for it. Then I decided to wear a bracelet of mine i'd completely forgotten i had, and somehow i lost it at school. Then the school lost the folder with all my forms for my AP Exams. I studied the wrong words for my Latin vocabulary quiz and i had to result to cheating, which i hated, but i can't afford to fail another quiz if i want an A in the class, i have a 89.4, and it's all because i'm been slacking lately. And I got a 79 on my physics test. The only really good thing that happened was my Latin teacher read part of my paper out loud in class and was talking about how good it was a descriptive. I've also decided hat i'm going to have a junk food picnic birthday party and possibly not tell my parents about it, although i don't know how i would hide it.
I came how and went through my closet and realized that i only have 1 dress! and that was the dress i wore to homecoming. And i only have 3 skirts, so i went to and added like 3 skirts to my wishlist and one dress, i'm hoping to find some more dresses, because i really like dresses, it's just that when you're a D cup it's hard to find dress that fit your chest, and when you do, you have to make sure they don't give you an unreasonable amount of cleavage. There's also the yellow dress from walmart that i want that i've shown pictures of before, but they don't have my size online anymore, so i'll have to go to every walmart i know to find it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Feel Like Such A Liar

I know i said i'd upload photos saturday night, and i never did so i'm going to upload them now. I want to use one of these photos as the new banner for the top of my blog. I'm just wearing shorts and a mens button up shirt, but this was fun cause it was raining and i was barefoot on the deck playing around with my sister looking out the window and calling me a weirdo, but i got her to take some photos of me.

I just made a chictopia account and i'm hoping i don't forget about my blog. It's really cool and i hope other people make chictopia accounts. and you can earn points towards rewards, which is always a plus, in my opinion and if you have a blog this can help you get more people to check it out.
I should be studying for latin, but it don't feel like it, think i'll go look online at Forever21. Have a nice Monday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Work in Progress

I'm sorry i haven't posted in a while, but this week has been full of tests. I had a three day test for my AP U.S. History class, along with a physics test, math test, and Latin test, among others. The good news is i got a 92 on my math test, and that 92 was transferred to an older math test as well, but it only brought that test grade up 2 points. And while other people's grades rose 4 or 5 points, my grade went no where, stupid 90, but whatever.
My blog is a work in progress as i try to figure out what i want to do back ground wise, and style wise. I took some random rainy day pictures today that i'll post probably later tonight. Their not outfit post pictures, just random pictures. I'm thinking of using one for the blog header.
I'm still applying for jobs, to fuel my ever increasing clothing obsession. I ordered some new boots a couple of days ago, and though the price was really good because they were on clearance ($10.40), the shipping cost more! ($10.99), the shipping for my Doc Martens weren't even that much!, but whatever.
I found some new blogs i Love, and their in my blog list on the right. I found a new love for BikBok, but sadly they only exist in Europe, i may have to order some things using international shipping, but i'll have to do a lot of research on European clothing sizes.
Today is the day of the prom, but I'm not going, because i can't afford it. i'll go next year when it's my senior year. I was hoping to go to Goodwill and look around for some stuff, but the rain is torrential, but at least it's washing the pollen away.
Yeah, i know this post is boring, but i felt that if i didn't post i'd just forget about my blog, and that's something i definitely don't want to do.
I really want a few more pairs of skinny jeans, and i may get a pair of jean shorts. To tell the truth i haven't worn shorts outside the house in years, unless i'm going for a quick jog. I'll probably wear them with tights underneath, or ankle length leggings. There are so many possibilities, and summer's right around the corner. The only bad thing is here in Georgia summer is a huge heat wave, and layering, even just to cover up too much cleavage or too much leg can make you sweat like crazy, i wish it was cool, warm enough for tank tops, but cool enough for the occasional jacket or blazer, but i guess i'll have to dream. (Forget global warming, lets think global cooling! [i have too much spare time])
I'll leave you with a picture of my boots, they'll be here in about a week, i can't wait!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping! Finally!

I've been wanting to go shopping for forever and i finally had time this weekend. My dad took me and my sister to Little Five Points today. Pretty much everyone in Atlanta knows what little five points is. It's a small college town with lots of restuarants and vintage and consignment shops. I'd been wanting to go for a while, but never had time. I brought up one fo the shops there that i saw when me and my family were driving through earlier in the week and my dad said he'd take me and my sister. I went to rag-o-rama, which is a lot like plato's closet, where you can sell your clothes or buy new ones, only much better. I got 2 scarves and a button. I tried to take photos of the button, but the images are only so-so, but it's really pretty.

As you've read in past posts, i've been wanting a skull print scraf, so when i saw the red one i wanted it!

I also went to a store called The Junkman's Daughter, which is somewhat similar to Hottopic, only more colorful inside.

This store was kind of expensive for me. Sunglasses alone were $10, and skirts and shirts were $30 and up, and i only had $20 left, but when i found these shoes i was in heaven. I'd been looking for some maryjane flats, some of which i saw in Rag-o-Rama, but in european sizes, none of which it fit, and these were so weird i had to love them! I lifted up the shoe and looked on the bottom to see the price. At first i thought they were $20, but that price was crossed out and under it the new price was written: $10. I had to have them! i tried them on and loved them.

Here's what i wore to little five points: my roxy moto vest, faith21 skinny jeans, arizona whale tank, seahorse necklace, black converse, aviator sunglasses from walmart. I didn't take photos until i got home, because i'm a clutz and forgot my camera, but most of the stores wouldn't let you take photos inside them, but next time i'll take photos of the buildings to show you guys.

p.s. this is not my room, it's my sisters.

Meant for Friday(s)

Sorry about my lack of posts lately. I've been working on a huge engineering project, and we were supposed to be finished my Friday, so now i finally have time to post. Here is what i wore to school Friday. It's a white short-sleeved zip-hoodie i got from Dots a few years ago, a purple tank top from Walmart, skinny jeans from faith21, converse, heart necklace from forever21, and my usually bracelets. The red and turqoise were made by one of my sister's friends. The white bracelet with charms is from walmart, and the other white bracelet is from claire's.

I'm hoping to be able to post more since the end of the school year is coming nearer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cult of Domesticity

Ah, yes, the cult of domesticity, or cult of true womanhood. Even though this was a British and European thing, basically stating that women belonged in the kitchen, it' still striking to me, especially since i'm breaking all the rules of this. At home not only i cook and clean, but i do other chores for money, including cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn. While i find these things fun and sometimes relaxing after an annoyingly boring or stressful week of school, other girls and women find it disgusting. Whatever! I'm so tired and i don't want to go to school tomorrow!
I got the grey miley cyrus & max azria cardigan from walmart, the material isn't too think, so it's great to wear in the mornings or on cool spring day. I think i may have finally decided where i want to go to college if i get in. I think i'd like to go to Barnard, even though it's an all women college, it's in new york and it's paired with Columbia which is full of guys, so it's not like i'll never see a guy. I'm attempting to apply for more information, but the website keeps getting stuck.
I baked a HUGE batch of oatmeal cookies last night, some to send off to my brother before he goes to Germany for a study abroad program, and some for my family.
I'm looking for a job for the summer to earn some extra cash, like at a Publix or Krogers. I'm so tired i can barely type, i think i'll go to bed, but i'll leave you guys with a picture of the hair i wish i had.

This is Jiyoon from 4Minute, another Korean girl band i listen to. I love her her hair. Uh... so tired... good night.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

When I Grow Up

A few hours ago i walked into the family laundry room to put up the ironing board and spotted a dead yellow jacket on the floor, the second one i'd seen dead in the house that week. My mind started pondering how they were getting in and how they were dying and i felt like Lindsey from CSI:NY when she went on maternity and almost set up a crime scene for a dead bee she found. That got me to wondering, what did i want to be when i grew up? Someone in school asked me if i wanted to be a fashion designer, and my sister asked if i wanted to be a chef, on teacher asked if i wanted to be a teacher, another asked if i wanted to work with radio, and one friend said i'd make a great mother. My mom wants me to be a radiologist or 'the person who tests people's breasts' (so she says, aka person who does breast examinations). My brother told me i could be an engineer, and my dad wants me to go into technology, but what do i want. Lately i've been thinking of being and anthropologist and studying different cultures, but i'd also like to be a CSI, sure it doesn't pay much, but I actually think i'd like the job. I'm still unsure, and i don't know if that's good, with my senior year around the corner and the time to know what colleges I'm applying to is fast approaching, still i have some time. There are somethings i am sure about, like clothes i like, so here's more bits from the wish lists i have on so many sites:

I still have a thing for band tees and want to get a few, they're good to have when i'm feeling lazy or get out of bed late, especially since my closet is slowly shrinking.

I saw these canvas shoes in google images, but when i went to the website i couldn't find them, i was so disappointed, but at least i didn't have to pay international shipping.

I think all these heels are cute for summer and i want at least the white ones and red ones. All three pairs are at and are under $25, and right now they're having a sale on some of the shoes so the prices are even lower.

Yes, two pieces from the miley cyrus & max azria collection, i really like some of the pieces. Like the black boyfriend blazer, i'll have to look into that, and i've been looking for cardigans like this, with a hood on them. I might get one and draw a tatoo design on it or put studs on it. It comes in gray, black and navy blue, there may also bee white, but i haven't seen a hooded one like these. Check

I will continues my search to find out what i want to be when i grow up and keep you guys updated. Good night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Movies, Sushi and Pollen Puddles

Last night i went to the drive-in movie theater with my sister and dad and saw Clash of the Titans (very good) and Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief (pretty good). It was fun, you basically sit in a parking lot and look at the movie projected on a screen and listen to the sound through your car radio. We do it all the time and it's really fun.
Today my dad didn't have to work so he took me and my sister out for sushi. Afterwards we went to petsmart and looked at all the animals. Then we ran around in the pouring rain for 15 minutes to get cigars (for my dad) and pound cake and cool whip for dessert for later. It was a really fun day. Here's what i wore:

I wore black converse, faith21 skinny jeans, New York and Company sweater, Energy striped tank, forever21 skull cap.

Here's my favorite song of the moment! I'm obsessed with it! I <3 BoA!

Artist: BoA
Song: Eat You Up

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Wishes

I have a lot of things i want to get this summer but here are just a few. Most of these items are from walmart or target, cheap i know, but if i like how it looks and fits i'll buy it, no point in buying the same item at a higher price.

All three of the above items are from Wal-Mart. Both pairs of these jeans are by OP and the same jeans, just different colors. I really like them because of the zippers at the bottom on the sides and they're only $14. There's also this yellow dress that i like. It's only $12 and i'd like to get it, but the problem I've had with dresses from Wal-mart in the past is no matter what size dress you get, the bust is for an AA, A or B cup, even the XLs, so I'll have to see about that. But what i really want is a yellow dress for summer.

These two scarves are from a website called or something like that, just use google shopping and type 'skull print scarf' and you'll find them. Anyways, i say a picture of a scarf similar to the black scarf and ever since then i've wanted one, and when i saw the white one i wanted it too.

All five of the above items are from Target. I like all the tube dresses, but the pink and yellow are my favorites. The yellow is more of a substitute in case the one from walmart doesn't fit me. I like both these button down shirts, but i'd wear them unbuttoned and layered over tanks, shirts or dresses.

I'm hoping to update with an outift post soon, but i will post soon.