Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Better in the Guys' Section

So i actually had a pretty good weekend. Friday and Saturday i did homework and played DDR. Sunday i went to Goodwill with my little sister. My sister found this really pretty whie strapless dress for her 8th grade graduation, because the school wants them dressed up. i found a shiny blue dress that had what looked like a triangular piece of chainmail on the front. It may sound wierd, but it looked cool. Afte 20 minutes me and my sister realized that the dress i found was impossible to put on, so he chucked it. but before i left i went to the mens section, to look at the blazers. There were a few awkward glances my way, but i didn't care, because i found a cool new gray blazer that looked cool with my new skinny jeans. i also went to Target and got a 5 pack of mens fruit of the loom v-neck tees, one if which i'm wearing now (they're so comfy).
Monday i had Environmental Club, which was a flop because our sponsor's kid got sick and she left. i'm the only girl in environmental club, with a bunch of guys. having nothing to do until our parents picked us up we got food and just walked around. After a while we hung out in a parking lot and practiced skateboarding tricks. In comparison to everyone else i was bad. I could barely skateboard, and every one else was doing ollies and shove-its, but i had a lot of fun. Things can be so much simpler around guys. They aren't worrying about prom or grades or anything.
I will be doing an outfit post soon, with my new blazer and skinnies. Spring break is next week for me, so i will try to get some outfit posts in then too. I will also look for a dress for prom. If i can find one i like at a good price i might just save it for next year and not go this year. I'm still iffy on whether i want to go or not. i have until April 15th to decide, they stop selling tickets April 16th.
I'm definetely going to watch a lot of disney movies over spring break, i feel like singing! this is for u guys!

if the video doesn't work, here's a link;


Friday, March 26, 2010

Fretting Over Prom

At the beginning of the year my friends and i decided that we probably weren't going to prom this year, but now everyone's going and it seems like it will be fun, and i want to go too, but i have problems;
- It's April 24 - pretty soon in other words
- I don't have a dress
- I don't have shoes
- I don't have $65 for a ticket
- I don't know if my parents will let me go and/or pay for me to go.

I got an idea from Seventeen.com on an outfit idea, but i have to find a dress in my price range (less than $100, preferably less than $60) and the accessories. Here's a picture for a dress i like, but can't afford. I want to get a similar dress and give it the same edgy look with accessories, etc.

I also found some shoes on forever21.com that i like, but i don't know it they'll go with the edgy vibe i want to give off, so i might just opt for basic black heels, or black converse (of course i'd have to get a whole new pair and my mom won't like that, but if i clean up the ones i have, which are pretty new that might do, but i'm not sure what i'll do as of now).
I'm going to see if i can go to Goodwill and/or the mall this weekend and see what i can find. I found a couple of dresses on AMI Clubwear's website that were okay, but not as much like this dress as i wanted.

The shoes i was looking at are silver heels and alone they're pretty, but i don't know if they'll go with what dress i end up getting so i'll have to wait on that.

There are also these two necklaces which i both like, but i'll have to see which one matches better with my dress, when/if i get one.
Wish Me Luck!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The New and The Old

So Friday afternoon i got my order from forever21, who has finally switched from FedEx to UPS (I'm SO HAPPY!) and in it was a new scarf, hat and skinny jeans, i don't have a photo of the scarf in here, but there are photos of everything else. I also found some really cute clothes in my mom's closet from when she was younger. I found a cute pair of flats, which i'm wearing in a picture with my new skinny jeans. I also found a brown leather jacket. I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket, with a hood as an added bonus, but the only one i could find was $100, but i found this one for free. It was my dad's but when he married my mom he gave it to her to hold on to, since he was always traveling, and now it's mine.
There's also some pictures of a vest by Roxy that I got at TJMaxx a few weekends ago that i'm in love with. I will do outfit posts with these items soon, if the weather doesn't stop messing around. It is was sunny and 70 degrees Saturday and this morning it was snowing. I don't understand the weather, at all. There are also pictures of the braclets i wear on a daily basis.
By the way, the skinny jeans i got from forever21 were only $11.50 and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comfy, i literally wore them all weekend.

Meine Kleine Schwester ( my little sister)

So my sister has been bugging me to do a post about her, and she doesn't have a bad sense of fashion, so here is basically a portfolio of recent pictures of my sister. When ever she helps me take photos for my outfit posts she has me take some photos of her.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yes! I'm Back!

So after spending weekends (an a Friday off from school that i will cleverly disguise as a sick day) I have taken the SAT, but I'm not happy with the feeling i felt when i was nearing the end: exhausted, sleepy, and not caring any more. So, i'm taking it again later this year. I've spent what was left of yesterday and pretty much all of today working on homework (the number of essays I had was unheard of) and playing DDR until i was so tired i couldn't jump any more, but i 'jogged' over 11 miles, so go me!
Here is the outfit post I told you about. After taking the photos and analysing my face to make sure it didn't look terrible i realised that I didn't like how the pattern looked on me. I felt it made me look wider than i was,and even though this outfit gave me something to do with the belt my grandmother gave me a few Christmases ago, it doesn't make up for the fact that i wasn't able to do what i originally wanted to do with this shirt. So, I'm retiring this shirt to my pajama drawer. Maybe not the best use of it, because when ever i wear it as pajamas it looks like i just rolled out of sex, and having bed-head doesn't help the situation, but that doesn't really matter.

There's also a picture of a toy we found near the base of the tree I'm standing against. It's one of the horses (or horse-like animals, I don't remember their name) from Avatar (amazing movie!). The adorable dog in the photo is my puppy.

Onto to other matters. Remember when i thought i'd found the perfect maxi dress? It was a lie. I went to the Old Navy near my house and they had the dress, so i tried it on and i hated how it looked. I also tried on another dress that rested below the knee, about mid-calf (on me at least) and it looked terrible too. My short body can't deal with dresses like that, so now I'm searching for the perfect dress (in general) for summer. I may never find it but i am going to look!
Also after posts from my two favorite blogs of the moment (Fazed- Girl's Samantha and the blog Karla's Closet [both in my blog list to the right]) i really want a trench coat, more than i did before. I told my mom and she was like "No, flashers wear trench coats." and then i had to remind her that the rain coat she had was a trench coat. She still objects to the idea, but i'm not really caring, I'll be wearing it, not her. Also i still want a boyfriend blazer, but i can't find the one from the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria collection at Walmart, so I'm going to go to goodwill as soon as possible, (i was hoping today, but things didn't work out) and go through racks of men's clothes in search of the perfect blazer. I've also ordered a pair of skinny jeans, a scarf and a beanie from forever21. I still have to show you guys the vest i got from TJMaxx. I may put all those items together with a white tee shirt and some heels or my black converse and do an outfit posts, but the stuff from forever21 probably won't be here for another week or two (after it spends most of that time in California, I hate FedEx!)
now i have to go label a mini generator and write a paper for physics. Oooohhhh... fun........... :(........... Hope you guys hear from me soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Will Update Soon

I know i have posted in a while, but i will post later this weekend. I've been busy studying lately for my SATs this weekend, so i haven;t done any posts, but i have pictures for an outfit post and a new vest i want to show you guys. I hope to be back online soon. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


SO I have good news, obviously. I good a 75 on my big AP U.S. History Test, which is good because my teacher makes the tests really hard so that we are almost insured to pass the AP exam. I got a 103 on the project for that class, so that will bring my grade up. I got a 95 on my Latin projects, and the highest my Latin teacher has ever given before is and 89, so everyone was jealous and wondering how i got an A.
I'm also going to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend, i think it's going to be really good, I'll tell you guys, but i won't give anything away. I've been listening to the soundtrack (well, clips) online and it sounds amazing!
Also, my sister wants me to put pictures of her on my blog, so i may dedicate a post to her soon. i also have an outfit picked out for an outfit post, but you guys may have to wait, we're having weird weather here in Georgia, it felt like a warm spring day over the weekend, but it was snowing today, so i don't know what's going on with the weather.
I may see if i can finally go shopping this weekend after i go to the movies, but i don't know what I'm going to do, i have to build a generator for physics, among other things so, i will be having fun with projects this weekend. The only class i don't have a project in is math, but that's not new.