Saturday, January 16, 2010

College Fears

I'm only a junior in high school but my teachers have us looking at colleges and stuff and when i started i had a nice big list of colleges i wanted to go to, but now that i go online and hear about them my list is quickly shortening. Either the school doesn't have the major i want, it's too far away, it costs too much, i have slim chances of getting in, or the student population is less than favorable (i.e. i was thinking of applying to Chicago University, but evidently the students aren't very out going.) (i.e. (#2) i was thinking of applying to NYU but all the students are said to be snobby and stuck up and "think they're 'gods'" so one person put it.) I'm stuck and i can't find an exit. I was thinking about going to Duke because I'm pretty sure i could get in, but my bother goes there and we've gone to the same schools since we were children, i don't want to do that anymore. I want to be my own person. I feel so drained by all this, like maybe there isn't a college out there for me.
I'd really like to major in anthropology but schools offering that as a major are limited, and from those schools there are few that have good professors or good departments. I'd like to go to school in a big city so that when i have free time i can go shopping and i can easily find a job, but if i can find a college i like I'd be willing to do only online shopping and find an on-campus job.
I haven't completely closed my door on Chicago University, but i have on NYU. And of course i have to worry about money, especially my first year since my brother will be finishing his last year of college and i don't know if my parents can afford to pay for to children to go to college a once. I might just work for a year and then go to college, but that doesn't seem like a good idea college wise. Would colleges rally want to accept someone who hasn't been to school in a year? Idk... uh I'm so exhausted.

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