Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pizza and Outfit Posts, what more could you want?

In honor of the weekend and relaxing i decided to make pizza, which actually does relax me. I made three pizzas, the first on i forgot to take photos of, but it was half mushroom and half peppers. The other two pizzas i made were the same type: spinach, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes. I actually took a picture of one of these, turned out amazing. I still have pizza dough left so I'm going to make another one tomorrow.

I also ventured out today to take outfit pictures. It was quite trecherous as my sister some how convince me to go through the woods in heels only a few days after it had rained. Then i almost fell in the creek, because climbing on rocks in heels is not easy. I got some pretty good pictures though, so it wasn't too bad.

The shirt is from Forever21, the pants are American Eagle brand boyfriend jeans that i got from TJMaxx, the shoes are from Payless, my earrings (white roses) are from Claire's, the hat is thrifted.

I also have this new love for H&M, even though i've never been into one, but i went to their website and fell in love! Must see if i can go there one weekend.


  1. Hello. I love pizza. I cannot believe you made pizza. You should come make me pizza. I also love your top. And I cannot believe you are standing on rocks in the middle of a stream wearing HEELS. (YOU GO, GIRL.)