Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extravagant Little Things

So, over the last week or so i have gone through so much. Yeah, they're all small things, but they felt major to me. I had a three day test in my AP U.S. history class, which i have mixed feelings about. Built a putt-putt boat in my engineering class. Decided what i was going to do this summer, which may include working as a demo sales person (handing out samples, coupons, etc.), volunteering at the library, and maybe going to a college in Pennsylvania for a week. The last on I'm iffy about, because it's only $300 dollars (in comparison to other programs with can be up to $5,000 , and there's lots of lab time, which i love, but i don't know if i want to go. At this moment i just really don't want to take a plane there for a week and live in a building in the middle of nowhere with people that i don't know, that I'll only know for a week and do lab work. My mom's pressuring me to do it, but as i said before, I'm iffy.
For my birthday i also want to do things this year. I'm going to get my ears double pierced, which I've been wanting to do forever, but could never convince my mom to let me until now. I also want to have a birthday party, but nothing lame, i want it to be picnic at the park with my friends, during summer so we can just chill out and not worry about school or anything.
I've also decided that once i turn 18 (not this year, but at the end of the school year next year) I'd like to join a roller derby league, so I'm going to start training this summer.
I'm also going to clean out my closet so i can get rid of anything i know i won't wear so i can get new clothes, because my mom said i can't get any new clothes unless they're skirts or dresses for summer, of course i shall break this rule.
It's warming up here in Georgia, so I'll be taking more outfit pictures soon. I would've done it this weekend, but I was rarely at home, i spent most of my time at other people's houses working on projects.
Off to bed, I'm quite tired.
- Fate

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