Monday, February 8, 2010

Picante Rice, Beer, Sundays and DIY Necklaces

Oh... So my Superbowl Sunday was quite amazing. I went to see avatar in the morning. SO AMAZING, WILL BE OWNING IT WHEN IT COMES OUT ON DVD! Then i went home and made dinner for my family. I made burritos and picante rice. It was really good. I watched the Superbowl, all four hours of it, though it was 50 minutes of football and 3 hours of commercials, but they were good commercials, not lame boring ones. My dad let me sample his beers and they were quite good, but I don't think i'll ever a heavy drinker or beer lover. So the sips of beer mixed with picante rice made me so sick i had to leve school early, but you guys don't need to know about that.

On a lighter note, i am so in live with the blog Super Wow OMG!, it's in my sidebar. Her style is AMAZING! and she makes really cool diy accessories. Great inspiration for making my own jewelry.
This a safety pin necklace she made based off of a piece by Marc Jacobs. She has tons more of diy things on her blog and she has inspired me to start mkaing my own jewelry again, must go to Michael's this weekend, (i have 4 days off!).

Here's another cool DIY necklace i want to make. My mom will hate it becasue of all the safety pins, but i love it! Will look amazing with a ripped or slub tee! Or even just a plain tank and skinny jeans with a bomber jacket.TI've also been lusting after a blue striped shirt like the one below, but the one below is in either CHinese or Japanese sizes, so it won't fit me! AHH! It's so cute, I love it, the pic is cute too.
So what to take from this post, DIY is good and beer and picate rice don't mix.

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