Saturday, February 6, 2010

Changes and Shopping

So when i started my blog, i never really like the title 'Lost in Wonderland', but it was all i could think of that i was even okay with. I just changed the title of my blog to 'Dreams of the City', because of my love of big cities and all they have to offer, and i felt that it expressed more of who was than cliche' 'Lost in Wonderland'.

i've been yearning to go to Goodwill to find a red plaid shirt, or somewhere that won't charge me 20 bucks for it. I'd also want a faux leather, or real leather (but would probably be way out of my price range), jacket. Their cute and comfy, and tough feeling. Evidently i give off a tough appearance to some people, i don't see it (when i add pictures of myself you'll me able to tell why), but i feel like i act tough to cover u shyness, and the jacket seems like it does the same thing, tough on the outside, soft on the inside. (look at what my American Lit. teacher has done to me, now i'm describing jackets like people)

My mom bought me new jeans today while i was asleep, nothing special, a pair of flare and a pair of bootcut, because i really only had 2 or 3 pairs of jeans. I'm still searching for the perfect pair of destroyed jeans.

I also want a blazer. There's on from the Miley Cyrus Max Azria collection (at Walmart) for $20, it may be on clearance now. It's a soft cotton boyfriend blazer, and when i get the plaid shirt i'd like to pair them together along with a white t-shirt.

Cold and kind of sleepy at the moment, i spent this morning cleaning my room and catching up on math homework for a homework check on Monday. I haven't done anything real extraordinary lately. There's a guy at school who i think likes me, and another one that i know likes me. It's funny because they're both completely different. I don't like either of them in that way, but they're good guys. One has liked me since my freshman year of high school (I'm currently a junior) and he's a bad-ass gothic type. I had this on-an-off feeling of liking him, but mostly it was because he was the type of guy that my parents would hate, always trying to kiss me and get close to me, he would have drove my parents crazy. He asked me to homecoming, and converts, and we kissed once, but i never really liked him, i just liked the idea of him. The other guy is smart, quirky, nice, sweet, basic good guy that any parent wants their daughter to go out with or even marry. I few years ago i used to joke about him liking one of friends, now he seems to like me, he's always trying to hug me and be near me. Once i worked with him on a project in my engineering class at school and i was gone for one day because i was really sick and evidently all he did was pine over the fact that i wasn't there. He sweet and all, but i don't like him like that. Maybe i'm too picky, maybe i should give guys a chance, but at this point i don't think i really need to worry about guys, i doubt i'm going to fall in love during high school. hmmm... another random rant, something's wrong with me today...

Anyways, i also want some black skinny jeans, and some dresses for Summer. I really want a Maxi dress, and a yellow dress, the yellow dress in the March issue of seventeen (yes, i read seventeen) is gorgeous and i'd be willing to save up $60 for it. I order the lace tunic from forever21 that i had in an earlier post, i also bought a double finger ring, which i'm not sure will fit my chubby fingers, but if it doesn't i thing i'll just cut the loops open and sand the edges so it becomes flexible.

I need to go and read "They're Eyes Were Watching God" by Zura Neal Hursten (if i misspelled please forgive me), for my American Lit. class.

At the moment my life seems dreary, but i know it will pick up soon...

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