Friday, February 12, 2010

Fed-ex, Wedges, and Blazers

So I'm really angry that Fed-ex is telling me my shipment from Forever21 that i ordered last week won't get here 'til next week! It takes a week and a half to ship to Georgia from California!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh.... and then Forever21 charged me $6 for shipping, that's like a new hat or shirt! If forever21 used the USPS for shipping it would cost less and get here faster, even if they do get holidays off! I'm so angry. I finally ordered that lace top and there's a tree down my street that looks amazing in bloom and i think it will bloom before my shirt gets here, but i want to take pictures under it for my first outfit post!
Uh... anyways, I found some really cute wedges on all for summer and all under $25, one pairs on sale and they're $15. I'm trying to get the money to get a pair to wear with my maxi dress when i get it. Here are pictures of the ones i like that I'm thinking of getting, i'll probably only get one pair, if i do get a pair.

I lied, one of these shoes isn't really as summer as the rest, its a moccasin wedge. Still i think their cute, i might buy them as casual heels, since they're on sale for
There are also some really cute floral flats i found on Delia's website, they're like $45, so i don't think i'll be getting them, but I'd love to have them. I think they
re gorgeous and very summery. I don't own a single pair of flats, so these would be a welcomed addition to my shoe collection.

Now onto blazers! I remember when i used to hate blazers because they reminded me of school, and church and christian private schools, but now that I'm older, and more mature, or whatever, they're cool additions to a wardrobe. I've been looking at the boyfriend cardigan at Walmart from the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria collection and I think i'll get it:
1) because it's only $20 and it may be less if i can find it on sale
2) the fabric is like a t-shirt fabric, so is flexible and comfy
3) it's thin- this may seem like a down fall but for me its good. I wear jackets year round, even in the summer, i'm naturally chilly and I'd like to have a thin blazer i can throw on when I'm cold and still look cute.
P.S. the sleeves roll/fold down
Here's a picture of the jacket, hopefuly i can still find one, i must go in search of one this weekend!

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  1. OH by the way, how's the F21 ring? I was hesitant to order online because it's a 2-finger ring and the sizing is only listed for one finger, so I waited to try it on in-store. ALSO, if you do order from cutesygirl, can you post/tell me about the quality and fit? I've been waffling on ordering from them for a long time. The prices are so tempting!