Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Death of Girl Scout Cookies and AP U.S. History Projects

So last weekend my mom bought me a box of thin mints from some girls scouts and then she went and ate most of them, i had like 7! She said she'd buy me some more, but until then I'll just pine over them.
I've spent pretty much all week working on a project for my AP U.S. History class that is 20% of my grade (and the only project we have this year). I'm so tired and stressed, HUGE APUSH PROJECTS + FAILING PUTT-PUTT BOATS (from my engineering class) ARE NO FUN!
I'm probably going to go to bed soon.
I really want to do an outfit post, i may just do one tomorrow even if it is cold, because i have a cute outfit i want to show.
I'm planning on have a picnic at a nearby park for my birthday in May, i just have to ask my parents and see if they'll let me.
I'm sorry that this post is really random, but i hat when i don't post for a long time, so even this makes me feel better.
I think I'm falling in love with bad boys again, even though the guy I'm talking about (from an earlier post, the one i know my parents would hate) is sweet and sentimental on the inside and i kinda regret avoiding him over the last few months.
I'm having a major Mulan 'Reflections' moment and wondering how people see me and if I'm trying to make myself seem like someone I'm not, and all this other stuff, maybe I'm just freaking out because my mom asked me if i was gay because she just found out i have friends that are gay. I'm also having problems with just finding stuff I'm good at.
I want to go shopping this weekend since i haven't gone in forever. I need to clean my room so i can figure out what happened to half my closet, but i really need to just take a break, I haven't been sleeping well lately and i know it will (if it hasn't already) affect me negatively.
Also just the fact that it's February has me down, even though the month is coming to a close. February has valentines day (I'm almost always single by then), i have SATs in around a month, it's freezing, it's not close to the end of the year, it's black history month and ow all the sudden people want the black perspective at my school and I'm not willing to give it to them because i feel that if they wanted it they should have accepted it sooner (really? one month for black people [even though i often say I'm not black] and you want us to give you the perspective of a whole ethnicity) Seriously, February is just a b*tch that comes to bite me in the but every year.
[i wanted to take an outfit picture with my girl scout cookies, no i wasn't going to dress up as a girl scout]
I hope you hear from me soon.


  1. cute blog : ) I'm a new follower.

    Check out my blog too when you have a chance : )

  2. :( Best of luck with school. Also I think it's totally normal to have "Reflections" moments especially in your mid-to-late teens (unless your "Reflections" moments involve singing out loud about your feelings while accompanying music comes out of nowhere), but that doesn't make it any easier. Sorry I'm no help. :( Also, thin mints are the devil.