Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When You Don't Get What You Want

Whenever i get a three or four day weekend off from school i like to do things, go to the movies, finish up some DIY projects, go thrifting, stuff like that. This weekend i didn't do anything! Then there was Valentine's Day, which if your single is terrible, and if you're single and have a crush on someone it's even worse. So i really haven't been up to posting lately.
It's getting even colder in Georgia, instead of warming up which means a delay on outfit posts, unless it snows again, then i'll come up with something special. I also really want to go see Cobra Starship in concert, but i've never been to a concert so I'm nervous and the only way i can go is with my Dad. Believe me, i like my dad, but he doesn't like my music and i'd hate to force him to sit through hours of it, but i REALLY want to go, plus it'll be a good reward for finishing the school year and taking SATs (it's in either early June or early July, I'll have to look it up). I'm hoping I'll be able to go thrifting this weekend and find some cool things to either have or upcycle. Wish me luck!

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