Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Very Cute Dress

I've been looking for the perfect maxi dress ever sense i saw pictures on my two favorite blogs (Super Wow OMG and blushing ambition). All credit to the bloogers for these pictures.

These maxi's are gorgeous! I know it's early to be searching for a Maxi for summer, but i really want to wear more dresses this summer. I've spent days seraching for on i like and I've finally found THE ONE!
It's $34.50 at Old Navy, I signed up for their e-mails to see if i could get a coupon, I know I'm cheap, but if i can get it for less i will try to, that's how my mom brought me up.

Here's another dress i found on american apparels website that i saw when i was looking for cardigans. It's a little short in my opinion so i'd wear it with skinny jeans or shorts or leggings (ooooohhh... leggins that could work well since it covers the but, so it won't look hideous like people who where graphic tees and leggings, that looks wrong when the shirt is normal sized, so you can see their butt.) Anyways, here's the pictures! I like the redish one the best, the color is cranberry. They don't have the black and white striped one online anymore.

I also want some wedge sandals for summer! I can't wait for it to get warm!

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  1. aww haha thanks for the mention! That dress of mine is actually extremely it a couple years back on sale at Zara hahaha iu'll still be wearing it this summer though!