Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break!

So I'm finally on spring break! I'm happy that i won't have school for a week, but tired because what will i do for 9 days at home? I have a few clothing projects to work on and i'm going to clean out my closet, but other than that the only plans i have are to have sushi with my sister and father and to go to the dentist (i'm ecstatic- NOT!).
Last night i realized that my wardrobe is quite minuscule. I was going through my closet trying to find something to wear that didn't have a rip on it some wear, and only have a few items. All be shirts are around 2 years old and get worn OFTEN, but my mother is in denial that i need new clothes, claiming that if my sister doesn't need new clothes, then i don't (by the way, my sister wears uniforms five days a week, and sleepers almost the rest of the time, she only gets dressed if she know for sure that she's going somewhere.)
I remember when i made a promise to myself not to buy any more graphic tees, i'm about to break that promise. I should have rephrase the promise to be 'Don't buy any more boring graphic tees, only artistic ones" , because i went to last night and found so many cool graphic tees. Here are some pictures of the ones i want to buy:

I've also found some really cute sandals on for summer.

I laos found a dress online similar to the one i was looking at (that i showed u guys in the last post). It's from, and its only $35! The problem is i can't find a size guid on the website to see if the dress will actually fit me. Here's a picture of it though:

The thing is that i don't think i'll be going to prom this year. I thought a bunch of my friends were going, but really only a few are, so if i can find a dress i like then i'll get it and save it for next year.

For my last day of school before spring break i wore my pink Doc Martens, a white tee, my new skinny jeans, and my new blazer to school. I got a lot of great comments, but when i got home i was too tired to take photos, so i'm planning on recreating the outfit tonight or tomorrow and taking photos. Since it's spring break i will definitely be posting more, which could also mean more outfit posts, but we'll see.

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