Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping! Finally!

I've been wanting to go shopping for forever and i finally had time this weekend. My dad took me and my sister to Little Five Points today. Pretty much everyone in Atlanta knows what little five points is. It's a small college town with lots of restuarants and vintage and consignment shops. I'd been wanting to go for a while, but never had time. I brought up one fo the shops there that i saw when me and my family were driving through earlier in the week and my dad said he'd take me and my sister. I went to rag-o-rama, which is a lot like plato's closet, where you can sell your clothes or buy new ones, only much better. I got 2 scarves and a button. I tried to take photos of the button, but the images are only so-so, but it's really pretty.

As you've read in past posts, i've been wanting a skull print scraf, so when i saw the red one i wanted it!

I also went to a store called The Junkman's Daughter, which is somewhat similar to Hottopic, only more colorful inside.

This store was kind of expensive for me. Sunglasses alone were $10, and skirts and shirts were $30 and up, and i only had $20 left, but when i found these shoes i was in heaven. I'd been looking for some maryjane flats, some of which i saw in Rag-o-Rama, but in european sizes, none of which it fit, and these were so weird i had to love them! I lifted up the shoe and looked on the bottom to see the price. At first i thought they were $20, but that price was crossed out and under it the new price was written: $10. I had to have them! i tried them on and loved them.

Here's what i wore to little five points: my roxy moto vest, faith21 skinny jeans, arizona whale tank, seahorse necklace, black converse, aviator sunglasses from walmart. I didn't take photos until i got home, because i'm a clutz and forgot my camera, but most of the stores wouldn't let you take photos inside them, but next time i'll take photos of the buildings to show you guys.

p.s. this is not my room, it's my sisters.

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