Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Wishes

I have a lot of things i want to get this summer but here are just a few. Most of these items are from walmart or target, cheap i know, but if i like how it looks and fits i'll buy it, no point in buying the same item at a higher price.

All three of the above items are from Wal-Mart. Both pairs of these jeans are by OP and the same jeans, just different colors. I really like them because of the zippers at the bottom on the sides and they're only $14. There's also this yellow dress that i like. It's only $12 and i'd like to get it, but the problem I've had with dresses from Wal-mart in the past is no matter what size dress you get, the bust is for an AA, A or B cup, even the XLs, so I'll have to see about that. But what i really want is a yellow dress for summer.

These two scarves are from a website called scarfworld.com or something like that, just use google shopping and type 'skull print scarf' and you'll find them. Anyways, i say a picture of a scarf similar to the black scarf and ever since then i've wanted one, and when i saw the white one i wanted it too.

All five of the above items are from Target. I like all the tube dresses, but the pink and yellow are my favorites. The yellow is more of a substitute in case the one from walmart doesn't fit me. I like both these button down shirts, but i'd wear them unbuttoned and layered over tanks, shirts or dresses.

I'm hoping to update with an outift post soon, but i will post soon.

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