Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cult of Domesticity

Ah, yes, the cult of domesticity, or cult of true womanhood. Even though this was a British and European thing, basically stating that women belonged in the kitchen, it' still striking to me, especially since i'm breaking all the rules of this. At home not only i cook and clean, but i do other chores for money, including cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn. While i find these things fun and sometimes relaxing after an annoyingly boring or stressful week of school, other girls and women find it disgusting. Whatever! I'm so tired and i don't want to go to school tomorrow!
I got the grey miley cyrus & max azria cardigan from walmart, the material isn't too think, so it's great to wear in the mornings or on cool spring day. I think i may have finally decided where i want to go to college if i get in. I think i'd like to go to Barnard, even though it's an all women college, it's in new york and it's paired with Columbia which is full of guys, so it's not like i'll never see a guy. I'm attempting to apply for more information, but the website keeps getting stuck.
I baked a HUGE batch of oatmeal cookies last night, some to send off to my brother before he goes to Germany for a study abroad program, and some for my family.
I'm looking for a job for the summer to earn some extra cash, like at a Publix or Krogers. I'm so tired i can barely type, i think i'll go to bed, but i'll leave you guys with a picture of the hair i wish i had.

This is Jiyoon from 4Minute, another Korean girl band i listen to. I love her her hair. Uh... so tired... good night.


  1. love her hair too!
    nice blog :)

  2. cooool i wish i had the time/skill to bake oatmeal cookies too!! :D just reading your post made me crave thick soft oatmeal raisin cookies... the kind you'd get at a cafe... MMM.

    haha i think it rocks how you find doing chores not a chore (pardon the pun!)...shows you're one tough cookie!

    i'm so checking out the walmart website for the miley cyrus collab!