Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Better in the Guys' Section

So i actually had a pretty good weekend. Friday and Saturday i did homework and played DDR. Sunday i went to Goodwill with my little sister. My sister found this really pretty whie strapless dress for her 8th grade graduation, because the school wants them dressed up. i found a shiny blue dress that had what looked like a triangular piece of chainmail on the front. It may sound wierd, but it looked cool. Afte 20 minutes me and my sister realized that the dress i found was impossible to put on, so he chucked it. but before i left i went to the mens section, to look at the blazers. There were a few awkward glances my way, but i didn't care, because i found a cool new gray blazer that looked cool with my new skinny jeans. i also went to Target and got a 5 pack of mens fruit of the loom v-neck tees, one if which i'm wearing now (they're so comfy).
Monday i had Environmental Club, which was a flop because our sponsor's kid got sick and she left. i'm the only girl in environmental club, with a bunch of guys. having nothing to do until our parents picked us up we got food and just walked around. After a while we hung out in a parking lot and practiced skateboarding tricks. In comparison to everyone else i was bad. I could barely skateboard, and every one else was doing ollies and shove-its, but i had a lot of fun. Things can be so much simpler around guys. They aren't worrying about prom or grades or anything.
I will be doing an outfit post soon, with my new blazer and skinnies. Spring break is next week for me, so i will try to get some outfit posts in then too. I will also look for a dress for prom. If i can find one i like at a good price i might just save it for next year and not go this year. I'm still iffy on whether i want to go or not. i have until April 15th to decide, they stop selling tickets April 16th.
I'm definetely going to watch a lot of disney movies over spring break, i feel like singing! this is for u guys!

if the video doesn't work, here's a link;


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