Saturday, April 24, 2010

Work in Progress

I'm sorry i haven't posted in a while, but this week has been full of tests. I had a three day test for my AP U.S. History class, along with a physics test, math test, and Latin test, among others. The good news is i got a 92 on my math test, and that 92 was transferred to an older math test as well, but it only brought that test grade up 2 points. And while other people's grades rose 4 or 5 points, my grade went no where, stupid 90, but whatever.
My blog is a work in progress as i try to figure out what i want to do back ground wise, and style wise. I took some random rainy day pictures today that i'll post probably later tonight. Their not outfit post pictures, just random pictures. I'm thinking of using one for the blog header.
I'm still applying for jobs, to fuel my ever increasing clothing obsession. I ordered some new boots a couple of days ago, and though the price was really good because they were on clearance ($10.40), the shipping cost more! ($10.99), the shipping for my Doc Martens weren't even that much!, but whatever.
I found some new blogs i Love, and their in my blog list on the right. I found a new love for BikBok, but sadly they only exist in Europe, i may have to order some things using international shipping, but i'll have to do a lot of research on European clothing sizes.
Today is the day of the prom, but I'm not going, because i can't afford it. i'll go next year when it's my senior year. I was hoping to go to Goodwill and look around for some stuff, but the rain is torrential, but at least it's washing the pollen away.
Yeah, i know this post is boring, but i felt that if i didn't post i'd just forget about my blog, and that's something i definitely don't want to do.
I really want a few more pairs of skinny jeans, and i may get a pair of jean shorts. To tell the truth i haven't worn shorts outside the house in years, unless i'm going for a quick jog. I'll probably wear them with tights underneath, or ankle length leggings. There are so many possibilities, and summer's right around the corner. The only bad thing is here in Georgia summer is a huge heat wave, and layering, even just to cover up too much cleavage or too much leg can make you sweat like crazy, i wish it was cool, warm enough for tank tops, but cool enough for the occasional jacket or blazer, but i guess i'll have to dream. (Forget global warming, lets think global cooling! [i have too much spare time])
I'll leave you with a picture of my boots, they'll be here in about a week, i can't wait!

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  1. You're taking Latin?! COOL. Those boots are cute! I love shorts with tights, but I definitely think skirts are the way to go in hot weather. (But I mean it doesn't get really hot in the Bay Area in California...) Good luck with AP tests! They're coming up soon, right?