Saturday, April 10, 2010

When I Grow Up

A few hours ago i walked into the family laundry room to put up the ironing board and spotted a dead yellow jacket on the floor, the second one i'd seen dead in the house that week. My mind started pondering how they were getting in and how they were dying and i felt like Lindsey from CSI:NY when she went on maternity and almost set up a crime scene for a dead bee she found. That got me to wondering, what did i want to be when i grew up? Someone in school asked me if i wanted to be a fashion designer, and my sister asked if i wanted to be a chef, on teacher asked if i wanted to be a teacher, another asked if i wanted to work with radio, and one friend said i'd make a great mother. My mom wants me to be a radiologist or 'the person who tests people's breasts' (so she says, aka person who does breast examinations). My brother told me i could be an engineer, and my dad wants me to go into technology, but what do i want. Lately i've been thinking of being and anthropologist and studying different cultures, but i'd also like to be a CSI, sure it doesn't pay much, but I actually think i'd like the job. I'm still unsure, and i don't know if that's good, with my senior year around the corner and the time to know what colleges I'm applying to is fast approaching, still i have some time. There are somethings i am sure about, like clothes i like, so here's more bits from the wish lists i have on so many sites:

I still have a thing for band tees and want to get a few, they're good to have when i'm feeling lazy or get out of bed late, especially since my closet is slowly shrinking.

I saw these canvas shoes in google images, but when i went to the website i couldn't find them, i was so disappointed, but at least i didn't have to pay international shipping.

I think all these heels are cute for summer and i want at least the white ones and red ones. All three pairs are at and are under $25, and right now they're having a sale on some of the shoes so the prices are even lower.

Yes, two pieces from the miley cyrus & max azria collection, i really like some of the pieces. Like the black boyfriend blazer, i'll have to look into that, and i've been looking for cardigans like this, with a hood on them. I might get one and draw a tatoo design on it or put studs on it. It comes in gray, black and navy blue, there may also bee white, but i haven't seen a hooded one like these. Check

I will continues my search to find out what i want to be when i grow up and keep you guys updated. Good night!

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