Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If Everything Can Go Wrong It Will Go Wrong

Uh! Today has been the worst day ever! I woke up late to the sound of the Jonas Brothers 'Love Bug'. I have nothing against the song, but i really wasn't in the mood for it. Then I decided to wear a bracelet of mine i'd completely forgotten i had, and somehow i lost it at school. Then the school lost the folder with all my forms for my AP Exams. I studied the wrong words for my Latin vocabulary quiz and i had to result to cheating, which i hated, but i can't afford to fail another quiz if i want an A in the class, i have a 89.4, and it's all because i'm been slacking lately. And I got a 79 on my physics test. The only really good thing that happened was my Latin teacher read part of my paper out loud in class and was talking about how good it was a descriptive. I've also decided hat i'm going to have a junk food picnic birthday party and possibly not tell my parents about it, although i don't know how i would hide it.
I came how and went through my closet and realized that i only have 1 dress! and that was the dress i wore to homecoming. And i only have 3 skirts, so i went to forever21.com and added like 3 skirts to my wishlist and one dress, i'm hoping to find some more dresses, because i really like dresses, it's just that when you're a D cup it's hard to find dress that fit your chest, and when you do, you have to make sure they don't give you an unreasonable amount of cleavage. There's also the yellow dress from walmart that i want that i've shown pictures of before, but they don't have my size online anymore, so i'll have to go to every walmart i know to find it.

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