Monday, April 5, 2010

Trespassing with Bees

Yes, i finally got around to taking photos for an outfit post.

Taking photos for the post was quite dangerous. Me and my sister had to trespass on someone's lawn (as you can see in the picture where i'm standing up confidently) while being chased by bees. I have a fear of bugs bigger than my finger, and having a stinger and being able to fly doesn't help at all! My sister was also be stealthy and taking pictures of me when i didn't know it. It was pretty fun.
I like this look, but i think the boots and the blazer too masculine together, next time i'll pair heels with the blazer for a more feminine touch.
I wore this to school friday and got a lot of good comments, s i decided to do a post about it.
I'm wearing a vintage mens blazer, faith21 skinny jeans, baby pink doc martens, and a mens fruit of the loom v neck tee.

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