Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping Obsession

I went to the mall today, wearing my new boots! Yay! i have photos below. I think i'm addicted to shopping. Thursday i stayed home, because i wasn't feeling well, and while i was sick i boot some stuff from forever21, the $11.50 skinny jeans were back so i got a couple pairs along with the white and navy striped skirt. Today i went to the mall and i got a new top from forever21. I tried on the dress in the previous post, but alas, the dress was not built for my chest size, though the rest was. I'm still looking for pieces to add to my wardrobe, and when my mom told me "Don't buy anything else except some skirts for summer" i told i wouldn't but in my head i said "Yeah right!" Here are the photos of what i wore to the mall! I've also really gotten into Chictopia, and i'm think of just using that i redirecting this to my Chictopia blog. I like how easy it is to post on here, but on Chictopia it's easier to find other blogs and view other people's photos, which i really like. ANd there are forums where you can ask people questions. I'm still thinking about it, but i just wanted to let you guys know.

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