Friday, March 26, 2010

Fretting Over Prom

At the beginning of the year my friends and i decided that we probably weren't going to prom this year, but now everyone's going and it seems like it will be fun, and i want to go too, but i have problems;
- It's April 24 - pretty soon in other words
- I don't have a dress
- I don't have shoes
- I don't have $65 for a ticket
- I don't know if my parents will let me go and/or pay for me to go.

I got an idea from on an outfit idea, but i have to find a dress in my price range (less than $100, preferably less than $60) and the accessories. Here's a picture for a dress i like, but can't afford. I want to get a similar dress and give it the same edgy look with accessories, etc.

I also found some shoes on that i like, but i don't know it they'll go with the edgy vibe i want to give off, so i might just opt for basic black heels, or black converse (of course i'd have to get a whole new pair and my mom won't like that, but if i clean up the ones i have, which are pretty new that might do, but i'm not sure what i'll do as of now).
I'm going to see if i can go to Goodwill and/or the mall this weekend and see what i can find. I found a couple of dresses on AMI Clubwear's website that were okay, but not as much like this dress as i wanted.

The shoes i was looking at are silver heels and alone they're pretty, but i don't know if they'll go with what dress i end up getting so i'll have to wait on that.

There are also these two necklaces which i both like, but i'll have to see which one matches better with my dress, when/if i get one.
Wish Me Luck!

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  1. HI HI HI! My prom was a nightmare, but I did like formal dances in general in high school :D

    LOVE that you picked an edgy inspiration picture. I really REALLY have no suggestions for dresses (in terms of formal dance dresses, one of mine was from an overpriced boutique, one was $7.99 from Goodwill, and one was from Ann Taylor at the mall... yeah, all over the place, but I did manage to get dresses that I still wear).

    Pretty sure Forever21 has some fingerless gloves right now (yes they do! and they even have little studs, but if you're just going for the look, even a generic black knit pair would work (if you cut the fingertips off, if you're not worried about anyone looking really closely).

    Also, I like the idea of silver heels (glam/edgy!) and the Converse idea (BETTER FOR DANCING!), but yeah it's going to depend on the dress =/ Sorry I can't be of more help! Good luck! You still have some time!