Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yes! I'm Back!

So after spending weekends (an a Friday off from school that i will cleverly disguise as a sick day) I have taken the SAT, but I'm not happy with the feeling i felt when i was nearing the end: exhausted, sleepy, and not caring any more. So, i'm taking it again later this year. I've spent what was left of yesterday and pretty much all of today working on homework (the number of essays I had was unheard of) and playing DDR until i was so tired i couldn't jump any more, but i 'jogged' over 11 miles, so go me!
Here is the outfit post I told you about. After taking the photos and analysing my face to make sure it didn't look terrible i realised that I didn't like how the pattern looked on me. I felt it made me look wider than i was,and even though this outfit gave me something to do with the belt my grandmother gave me a few Christmases ago, it doesn't make up for the fact that i wasn't able to do what i originally wanted to do with this shirt. So, I'm retiring this shirt to my pajama drawer. Maybe not the best use of it, because when ever i wear it as pajamas it looks like i just rolled out of sex, and having bed-head doesn't help the situation, but that doesn't really matter.

There's also a picture of a toy we found near the base of the tree I'm standing against. It's one of the horses (or horse-like animals, I don't remember their name) from Avatar (amazing movie!). The adorable dog in the photo is my puppy.

Onto to other matters. Remember when i thought i'd found the perfect maxi dress? It was a lie. I went to the Old Navy near my house and they had the dress, so i tried it on and i hated how it looked. I also tried on another dress that rested below the knee, about mid-calf (on me at least) and it looked terrible too. My short body can't deal with dresses like that, so now I'm searching for the perfect dress (in general) for summer. I may never find it but i am going to look!
Also after posts from my two favorite blogs of the moment (Fazed- Girl's Samantha and the blog Karla's Closet [both in my blog list to the right]) i really want a trench coat, more than i did before. I told my mom and she was like "No, flashers wear trench coats." and then i had to remind her that the rain coat she had was a trench coat. She still objects to the idea, but i'm not really caring, I'll be wearing it, not her. Also i still want a boyfriend blazer, but i can't find the one from the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria collection at Walmart, so I'm going to go to goodwill as soon as possible, (i was hoping today, but things didn't work out) and go through racks of men's clothes in search of the perfect blazer. I've also ordered a pair of skinny jeans, a scarf and a beanie from forever21. I still have to show you guys the vest i got from TJMaxx. I may put all those items together with a white tee shirt and some heels or my black converse and do an outfit posts, but the stuff from forever21 probably won't be here for another week or two (after it spends most of that time in California, I hate FedEx!)
now i have to go label a mini generator and write a paper for physics. Oooohhhh... fun........... :(........... Hope you guys hear from me soon.

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